This Crochet Solar System crochet blanket features all the elements of our solar system, complete with comets, asteroids and a space ship (or two!). This blanket was originally released as a Crochet Along, but you can get all the afghan square patterns instantly by clicking each photo at the bottom of the post. 

FREE Crochet Pattern: C2C Solar System Blanket | Learn how to work the Corner to Corner technique while making this pretty outer-space themed blanket!


I hope you enjoyed making the squares for the C2C Crochet Solar System Blanket!  I have been working all week to get my squares sewn together, and got it finished just in time for the Solar Eclipse on Monday. If you are anxious to get it sewn and not have more ends to weave in, the invisible seam is a good option, using this method so you only have to use one strand of yarn. 

However, it’s also quite easy to sew them together using a simple single crochet stitch. You can go through all 4 loops, but I like the look of going through the Back Loops only. Be sure to put wrong sides together when doing this method. Because the square are facing inward, the back loops will be the loop closest to you and the loop farthest from you. It will be nice and flat on the front but the back with have a ridge where you have worked the sc, so if you prefer not to have that, be sure to work an invisible seam instead. 

Finish your blanket by working a simple sc border (or other border of your choice).

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You can put sew them tougher any way you like, but here is a example of how they can go together:

FREE Crochet Pattern: C2C Solar System Blanket | Learn how to work the Corner to Corner technique while making this pretty outer-space themed blanket!

The Boy has been so excited for me to sew my squares together (which have been taking up the whole couch for several weeks now). He has begged me to let him have it on his bed, and I am having a weird feeling of over-protectiveness. Blankets just take So. Long. To make. 

But if it isn’t well-loved and used, than what good is it? 

FREE Crochet Pattern: C2C Solar System Blanket | Learn how to work the Corner to Corner technique while making this pretty outer-space themed blanket!

It does look pretty cute on his bed. 

FREE Crochet Pattern: C2C Solar System Blanket | Learn how to work the Corner to Corner technique while making this pretty outer-space themed blanket!

If you missed this crochet along, no problem! This patterns will remain on Whistle and Ivy for the foreseeable future. You can get them FREE here: 

(You can also get a pretty ad-free PDF on Ravelry , Etsy and my shop.) 




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  1. This is an awesome blanket. I want to make it for a baby gift but worry it may be too big, do you have any suggestion on a way to make it a bit smaller? Thanks

  2. Thank you for this wonderful pattern i am in the process of making it and can’t wait to see it finished but i have to ask you a question, how many of each square do we need?

      1. Thank you for clearing that out, Thats means i can start the sawing, all squares are done, cant wait, this is going to be a birthday gift for my grandson in May 💐🌺💐.

      2. I am making the blanket as a baby gift and love it. I do have a question though. Are you supposed to do a single crochet border around every square. Some of the instructions say so but some dont. Also, the videos do not show a border around each square but the photos seem to?

  3. What kind of yarn did you use?
    My son is head over heels for all the planets in our solar system so with christms around the corner I thought this could be a good gift!
    And if you don’t mind me asking how much do you think you spent on this? If you just tell me the name of the yarn im sure I can figure it out. lol

    1. I am sorry, this was originally released as a CAL and it have the information all over the place (I need to fix that). You can find the materials list here:
      The yarn is quite inexpensive, so this afghan was not too much to make, I think it was only around $60 and you will have yarn left over (you won’t use the whole skein of the planet colors).

  4. This is sooooo cute, and can be educational as well. Lt the kids arrange the squares, learning something about our solar system in the process. :)

  5. I am loving this project. I am just a tad confused on the colors. I ordered according to the list you gave us for Knit Picks but on your daily instructions you have different colors. I guess it is all whatever a person wants. I just try to go by the pattern. ie. Day 5 & the list to order calls for Paprika & Sienna. In the instructions it calls for Orange & Red. The initials for colors in the row count are B – Brindle & R – Red. I know you said you would have made it brighter. Maybe this is the reason for the color changes. Thank you for your time & effort & for the free pattern. My grandson is going to love this for his birthday.

  6. The best Solar System blanket I’ve seen , your son looks like he is truly enjoying it and sharing it also.

  7. I loved your pattern. I switched up some colours according to what I had available and also changed the border. My son loved it and claimed it. (24 years old)

  8. I love the design! I think I’ll print it to save with the hopes of one day having the crochet skills to make it!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. My son’s aren’t little but they love all things space so going to have to make them both one.

  10. Just made my first square, aim to finish it in a year…

    Do I need to put a border round each individual square before blocking?


  11. This is really beautiful. Definitely want to make dor my 20 month old boy as he juatvswirched from a baby cot to a toddler bed. want to ask what is the finished size of the blanket? I have a huge stash of acrylic yarn that is thinner (thr ball band suggests 4.5mm), i wonder how muxh smaller it will be, compared to yours…..

    1. Sorry about that! I added a pieced-togther graph, showing an example of how they could go together. You can move them around to your liking, of course.

  12. My three year old daughter talks about how one day she’s going to fly in a rocket and go to the moon. I think I need to get this on my hook and make for her to cuddle and dream with :) Beautiful pattern