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I cannot even tell you how long this CAL has taken me. I think I went in with a bit too much enthusiasm and had to trim the fat a bit just to get it finished. I started planning it last summer. Last summer, you guys. If you saw the behind the scenes of Whistle and Ivy I think you would laugh. Not a lot of professionalism going on, that is for sure. However, the finished version of this Solar System C2C graphgan turned out waaay better than my original idea. So letting it marinate (ferment is a better word) over the last 9 months has done the idea some good. I finished the final square last week, and I have been dying to get this post written so I could reveal the idea to you! 

Solar System C2C CAL: Join in this FREE and fun crochet along, and make this fun (and little bit geeky) solar system afghan.

Aren’t these celestial squares fun? It has a bit of geeky flair to it. I am saving the last square as a surprise, just to keep things interesting!

Solar System C2C CAL: Join in this FREE and fun crochet along, and make this fun (and little bit geeky) solar system afghan.

The CAL starts Monday, July 24th. Don’t be concerned if you are brand new to C2C. This is the perfect project for a C2C beginner! The first square is very easy and the rest gradually grow in difficulty. I promise you won’t get overwhelmed.  Plus, I have videos for the first few squares, so I know you will be able to get the hang of it! 

There will be a total of 21 squares and 9 patterns, which means on most of the days, you will be working more than one of the given graph. For instance, day two will be the small planets. There are 4 small planets, so you will work 4 of the same square, using different colors to represent each planet. 

Below is the list of yarns you will need. I would recommend buying the grays and yellow for sure, but you might be able to get by on some of them with scraps from your stash. Mercury, for instance, takes a very small amount of yarn, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. I tried to double-up the colors, and use them on more than one square.
Disclaimer: I will say that I don’t recommend using different brands of yarn for this project, I haven’t had great experiences doing that in the past. Keep that in mind! 

What you need:
BlocksAll Square Blocker  
H hook 
– Darning Needle
(Worsted Weight Knit Picks Brava) 
-15 Balls of Cobblestone Heather or Asphalt Heather
-1 Ball of Custard (Sun) 
-1 Ball of Canary (Sun)
-1 Ball of Dove Heather (Comets)
-1 Ball of Paprika (Mars, Jupiter and Spaceship)
-1 Ball of Brindle (Saturn and Neptune)
-1 Ball of Sienna (Jupiter, Saturn and Venus)
-1 Ball of White (Asteroids and Comets)
-1 Ball of Sky (Pluto and Uranus)
-1 Ball of Cornflower (Earth and Spaceship)
-1 Ball of Freesia (Mercury)

Be sure to join the Facebook Community  and share your progress and follow my Whistle and Ivy page on Facebook to get reminders and see the newest patterns!

Solar System C2C CAL: Join in this FREE and fun crochet along, and make this fun (and little bit geeky) solar system afghan.

Can’t wait to see your versions!!

Get the patterns: 




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  1. Thanks for the pattern! I have never done C2C before now! Thanks so much! It was so fun but not to overwhelming for a beginner! I have crocheted a long time but never knew bout C2C!
    I would give you a picture but it won’t let me. Blessings to you!

    1. Your comment made my day, that was my EXACT goal, to help beginners learn without overwhelm, I am so so happy this was helpful to you. Have a wonderful week!

      1. Thanks! This is my first c2c project and I’m making it for my first son’s space themed nursery (due date next week!) Thankfully for a fabulous pattern and the prompt reply!

  2. Hi Bethany – I have purchased the amount of yarn to make this blanket. Can you please let me know if this includes enough yarn for the sc around the blanket to finish.

  3. LOVE this CAL! I recently finished the blocks for a two-tone blanket for one of my brothers and it came out so cool!
    I REALLY like C2C hooking squares! Any kind really, but in squares it’s fun because you’re mobile AND can also create each square 🐩 differently! Witness what YOU’VE done!
    Bravo! I just bought the yarn to begin. Funny that it’s a similar color, a sort of gunmetal gray background, for the series! Can’t wait to see what it looks like put together.

  4. Working on completing my Day 1 squares and was wondering what the schedule for release of the other squares was going to be. Looking forward to the other squares.

    1. There is no schedule! I was going to publish Day 2 yesterday, but everyone needed more time, so I am going to play the rest of the CAL by ear.

  5. I can’t wait to get started on this. Where do I find the pattern for the first square.

    thank you