These cute little crochet hatching sea turtles come complete with a cute openable egg! Perfect as stocking stuffers or for Easter baskets. Children of all ages will love this cute toy.
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crochet hatching sea turtles

I have a crochet bucket list, have you? I probably won’t get to some of the items on my list until my kids are in school all day, but I’ve got one!  I bought the pattern for these crochet hatching turtles last year, but I finally decided that this week was the week to finally make them. My kids have been champing at the bit to play with their new toys since they saw the pattern photos(they have been treasuring their crochet hatching dinosaurs and it warms my heart). 


The post has contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase with one my links! Thanks for supporting Whistle and Ivy! 

The pattern is designed by Meredith from Mostly Stitchin’. It’s so clever and just too adorable! I can’t even with those little baby bug eyes!

The design is quite clever, the way the crochet turtles are sewn together hides any messy sewing (my hand sewing skills are quite lacking). I would say this is an advanced beginner project. If you are solid on basic stitches, you can definitely make these cute crochet hatching turtles. 

I used Knit Picks Shine to make these turtles in Reef, Pistachio and Willow. Shine is a lovely cotton/beech wood blend, and the colors are perfect for these little turtles. 

crochet turtle hatching out of egg
crochet hatching turtles on blue


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My kids are obsessed with the shells. I am telling you, these are perfect for kids age 3-6: In and out, in and out!  I added a button as per my kids’ requests. I also realized halfway through that I didn’t have enough Ivory Shine to make the eggs so I improvised and use Bernat Home Dec. It worked out wonderfully! The chunky yarn makes the eggs nice and sturdy. I did modify the pattern slightly so the eggs weren’t enormous. It just made for a faster project!

crochet egg for crochet turtle

I’ve mentioned before, The Boy carries his hatching dinosaur (Pat) everywhere, but I think Pat is about to be bumped into the 2nd favorite spot. He’s been brainstorming name ideas ever since he saw me working on these turtles. 

green crochet turtle hatching out of egg

And check out the Boy’s beloved Pat (and Sis’s Rexie, but Rexie is not as beloved at Pat). 

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  1. Where can we find the pattern for the crochet hatching turtles ?
    You do such beautiful things :)

    Thanks to you, Suzanne

    1. I link to it a few times in the post! One is right under the Crochet Hatching Turtles heading. It’s a pattern on Etsy, be sure to use the provided coupon code!