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Who loves Halloween?! Me too! I think this year will be fun for the Boy. He wasn’t quite sure about it last year, as a newly turned two- year-old. But this year, he will be three and seems pretty stoked about the whole idea. I have been trying to nail down what he wants to dress up as, but so far he has picked ALL THE THINGS. Every costume. So this will be interesting! 

Although no decor is needed to get him in the Halloween spirit, I wanted to add another item to the Halloween home repertoire. This printable definitely fit the bill! 



What you need: 

Shadowbox Frame

Short Pins

Cork Tile


Black Cardstock

Scissors (or cut the bats on your cutting machine)
Precision Knife


This shadowbox was so easy to put together. First, grab the graphic and print it!
I used a 8 x 8 shadowbox, but I provided an 8 x 11 variation of the printable as well.

Bats and Boos 8 x 8

Bats and Boos 8 x 11

Start by cutting the cork board to match your frame. I used the back of my frame as a template and cut the cork with my precision knife. 




If needed, cut the printable to match the cork. I cut mine up a bit higher to leave some room for the bats to fly on the bottom. 


From here you can glue down your paper. I actually didn’t glue mine. The frame holds it snug, so I didn’t think it was necessary. 

Next, cut your bats from your black paper. You can use your cutting machine, or simply cut them using scissors. A bat is a relatively simple shape, it’s doable free hand. I did a few that were 1″, a few that were 1 1/2”, and few that were 2”. 

Once your bats are cut, start sticking them into through the paper and cork board with your short pins. 


Carefully replace the front of the frame and fold down the metal pegs in the back. The cork will basically replace the back of your frame, so fold them down onto the cork. 




Happy Halloween!



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