I have mentioned before how The Boy and I have been playing around with polymer clay, but who can forget about good ‘ol salt dough? It’s so inexpensive to make, and is a nice soft medium for molding. The Boy can spend an hour or more mushing his toys into a big mound, or making tire tracks with his cars. But it’s fun for me too! These salt dough bones were born while playing around together with the dough, and they are so quick and easy to make. They are such a simple way to add some macabre to your Halloween display. 


Salt Dough Bones - These bones make a fun addition to your Halloween display and are a perfect project for the kids!


First, make your dough. I found a recipe HERE. There are two on the page, I used the second one. 



Next, make a “snake!”




Form two balls, and squish them onto the ends, while shaping the tip into a bone shape. It doesn’t need to be perfect! Bones aren’t perfectly smooth or perfectly shaped. 




I used my fingernail to scuff up where the two pieces meet. This makes the connection more stable, but it also gives the bones a nice rough texture. 




I made several, and varied their thickness and length. I thought it gave a nice variety as they sat in the jar. 




Bake them in a 200º oven for about an hour and let them cool before displaying. 

Such a fun project! Definitely one you can make with the little ones, too. 

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