Women’s Boat Slippers

I can’t believe this, but it’s beginning to feel like Autumn around here. It is probably just the rain. I would be completely fine if Mother Nature decides to warm it back up for a few weeks, but the break from the heat has been nice, too. It has made me a bit excited for sweaters and hot cocoa though (I may or may not have had hot cocoa for breakfast this morning). 

I figured it might be getting cold somewhere; I am looking at you Michigan and Wyoming! So I decided to release this cute and comfy slipper pattern. I have been selling it in my Etsy shop for the past 10 months, but I decided to release it for free!



These slippers feature a double sole, so they are extra cushy. Sizes 5-9 are included in this pattern. 






Women's Boat Slippers

By using this free pattern, you are agreeing to NOT redistribute this pattern (whether electronically or by printing and handing out copies). Sharing is a form of theft! If you would like to share, please direct others to my page. Pageviews enable me to publish my patterns for free, so please help me to continue to do so.

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What you need: 

Red Heart Yarn ( 2 colors)
Size F hook (or hook to achieve gauge)
Yarn Needle


To get this free pattern, click here: Women’s Boat Slippers Crochet Pattern


A video tutorial for the straps can be found here. 




Happy crocheting!

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Baby Album Printable with Blitsy

This post is sponsored by Blitsy. All opinions and content, as always, are 100% my own. 

We are starting to get ready for the baby around here!  I have been playing around with colors for the nursery, but am having a hard time deciding. I am decidedly against pink. I just feel there are so many beautiful colors, why settle for plain ‘ol pastel pink? 

When The Boy was born, I found an adorable album, it had some pre-printed pages and spaces to record memories and different things. The search to find a cute non-pink one for a girl proved rather difficult, so I decided to make my own! And it was super easy with Blitsy, a new craft supply daily-deal website.  Blitsy has deals that change daily, everything from yarn to kids’ craft to jewelry making.



I use several daily deal websites. I love finding good deals, but finding good deals on craft supplies is extra awesome. I found this fun album and coordinating scrapbook paper that worked great for this project.  The colors are perfect: feminine without being in-your-face pink. 

I used the colors from the cover of this album to create a fun 7-page baby album printable, but I figured there are so many colors, it would be easy to coordinate without using the exact same supplies as me. 






The PDF printable includes 6 pages, with space for firsts, footprints, height and weight, and favorites. I also included a 7th page with a bunch of color-coordinating embellishments. 










Get the PDF here: Baby Album Printable

This baby album was also incredibly easy to put together once the pages are printed. I usually take my print jobs to an office supply store. You can get yours printed on standard paper, or get them printed larger for a 12 x 12 album. The store I went to didn’t have a 12×12 option, but they had a 11 x 11 (11 x 17, but you just cut it down), and it turned out great. I used white cardstock and everything was easy to cut out and glue together. 

Now I have the beginning of a baby album! Of course I will need to actually print off photos to add to it…

Until the end of August, use the code FIRST1408 for 5$ off your first purchase!

 Be sure to sign up for Blitsy! It’s so fun to see all the new items that are added each day. You can follow Blitsy on their social media to keep up on the daily sales:



I Like Crochet Magazine!

Today, I wanted to talk about my friends at Prime Publishing! They are the geniuses behind Allfreecrochet.com, Allfreesewing.com, Allfreeknitting.com and a plethora of other crafting websites. You can find so many free patterns and tutorials on their sites. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with a couple Prime editors, they are crafters just like you and me!


I was given the opportunity to view the August issue of their new magazine: I Like Crochet.

I. Am. Hooked! It’s full of beautiful photography and gorgeous modern patterns, several of which I cannot wait to get started on. 

I am dying over the cuteness of these baby booties! They will be perfect for Little Cricket, since she will be born at the end of November. 




And  I am not really a shawl person, but this pattern has pretty much changed my mind, so cute!


This vintage-style cardi is so fun! I can see it in gray with mint details. 

Subscribe here to have access to lots of full patterns, instructions and tutorials, plus have the 5 other issues delivered right to your device, or accessible from your computer. You can also check out I Like Crochet and see photos of all the available patterns (you will be hooked like me!).

I can’t wait to get started on these projects! You should join me :)

And follow Allfreecrochet on Facebook to view updates on popular patterns, and subscribe to their newsletter to get links to patterns right in your inbox!


3 Favorite Places for Maternity Clothes

Preparing for a new baby can be fun, exciting, and at times, stressful. So much to think about and get ready for! And even before Baby comes, you still have to make some changes. I live in a relatively small town, so I have no access to maternity clothes nearby. I had to do a lot of my shopping online, which can be kinda scary. Plus, the frugal girl in me hating spending tons of money on clothes that will be packed away in a box by next year. So in the hopes of helping out a fellow thrifty gal, I wanted to share the top places I found some good deals. 

 3 Favorite-2


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Milk Duds Caramel Popcorn

Now, this may seem insane, but I am not a huge popcorn lover. When we go to the theater, it is the absolute last thing I want to eat. Give me some Sour Patch Kids and Punch Straws!

But pregnancy does weird things to me. Before I was pregnant with my son, I wasn’t a huge chocolate lover (which I understand is equally strange!), but during that pregnancy I craved chocolate so much.  Now I totally get the all the Pinterest and Facebook memes about chocolate. I got a love for chocolate and feet a half shoe size bigger from The Boy, and Little Cricket is turning me into a popcorn fan!

This recipe took my quite a few tries. The ratio was off, or you couldn’t taste the chocolate, which made for really gooey and yummy popcorn, just not quite the flavor I was going for. But I think I nailed it. If you are a fan of salty and sweet, this recipe is absolutely for you!





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