Chocolate Sandwich Rice Krispie Treats


Sometimes a brilliant idea is so simple you wonder how you didn’t think of it sooner. That is definitely how I feel about these amazing chocolate sandwich Rice Krispie Treats. Original Rice Krispie Treats are one of my absolute favorite desserts, so soft and chewy. But add two layers  of chocolate, and this classic childhood favorite is taken to whole, new level. These chocolate sandwich Rice Krispie treats are a simple variation of the original, but so delicious!   I like to add a bit less cereal to my recipe. The resulting batch is a bit smaller, but I enjoy them so much Click for more

Simple Double Bow Crochet Pattern


I have been playing around with colors lately. I used to pair bright colors in my patterns all the time, but lately I have gotten into the boring habit of frequently using gray. Even though I will always have a special place in my heart for gray, I am trying to be more bright and colorful. This simple double bow crochet pattern is an easy and cute way to create an accessory with bright pops Click for more

14 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns


Even though it’s almost summer where I live, I still like wearing slippers. It could be because my husband loves to keep the house quite cool, or because we both love letting in the cool breeze in the evenings. Either way, I prefer to have something on my feet all year round. I decided to gather up a list of free crochet slipper patterns and I found some very cute ones!     1. Click for more

Banana Frozen Yogurt Popsicles


This post is sponsored by Yulu. All opinions are my own.  It is starting to get hot! My son has learned the art of eating Otter Pops (it legitimately takes practice), and last week I dug out my popsicle molds, ready to make some cold treats (these strawberry-orange ones are delicious). We love playing hard outside, so frozen treats are a must in our house. When I tried Yulu yogurt, I knew it Click for more

Twig Blossom Bouquet


Happy Friday, my friends! You may remember that I have a total black thumb (these crochet succulents are still green, that’s about all I can do), so if I want something bright and pretty in my home, it has to be artificial. But artificial doesn’t have to be drab or faded! I was doing a big of yard work and was clipping some dead twigs from a shrub in our backyard, and I really loved the look of Click for more