This beautiful rustic crochet ornament set includes three lovely designs: a rustic star, a “ribbon” tree, and the Holy Family (made using the same yarn as the original rustic nativity set!). Each pattern works up quickly and is suitable for advanced beginners. This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support!


These past few weeks I have released a few ornament packs. The first was a boho-themed one, followed by a woodland themed ornament pack. Today is the final installment of our crochet ornament series, and the theme is “rustic”.

I have a soft spot in my heart for rustic Christmas details. It may be because I grew up on holiday books and stories that romanticized simple Christmases with hand-whittled gifts, ornaments made from popcorn and dried fruit, and a warm fire aglow on the big morning.

Of course, those books are describing Christmas from a long past time, from a small sector of the world, and it would be impossible to capture all of these feelings, but its fun to try each year by adding a few new details that bring a bit more simplistic homey vibes to our holiday celebration.


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I knew from the planning stages that I wanted to make a nativity ornament: a mini-sized ornament that works up quicker than the original rustic nativity set, but still captures the same rustic, elegant minimalism of the original (and it may be a bit more giftable, as it’s a faster project).

It only made sense to release it with a couple other patterns as well, so the rustic set includes a quick rustic star (only 3 rounds!) and a “ribbon” tree that is only ONE row, and needs only a few minutes of construction.

This pattern pack is available in my shops! You can buy it either from the Whistle and Ivy shop, or on Ravelry.


The pattern download includes THREE rustic crochet ornament patterns! Where would you like to shop today?

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