Have you been searching for boho crochet ornaments? Add these to your list! This pattern pack includes 3 cute design for fringy, crochet ornaments. The sweet mini hanging planter ornament is FREE! Grab some cotton yarn, and keep scrolling to get started. This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

crochet boho ornaments crochet pattern cotton yarn easy and quick


For the past several years, I have wanted to do a weeklong event sharing new crochet ornament patterns, but wouldn’t you know it, the holidays are busy and stressful! Last year I had 6 designs started, but clearly wasn’t able to finish any of them. This year, I made it a priority! Several designs are still staring at me from a bin, unfinished, but maybe this will turn into a yearly tradition and they can come out next year!


This pattern is for lovers of neutrals, natural fibers, and boho vibes! A few years ago I dabbled in crocheting around cording, creating projects that have a macramé feel, and I decided to bring that trend into these crochet ornament pieces.
The pattern includes a fringy candy cane, that consists of only 2 rows, so you can make half a dozen in less than an hour; a fringy rainbow, which is a mini version of another pattern you may recognize; and a quick and easy mini hanging planter. I opted to put faux greenery in mine, but how cute would it be if you put a real, live air plant? or even a fresh smelling sprig of pine?!

crochet boho ornaments crochet pattern cotton yarn easy and quick


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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Want more Christmas patterns?


crochet boho ornaments crochet pattern cotton yarn easy and quick

What you need: 
– Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn (Dishie)
– 3′-4″ Small twig/driftwood/dowel
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch


The pattern download includes TWO addition patterns! Where would you like to shop today?
(Keep scrolling for the FREE Mini Hanging Planter Ornament)

crochet boho ornaments crochet pattern cotton yarn easy and quick

Approx. size: 2.5″ x 3.25″ (finished size) 

Begin with a long tail. 
Work a sc foundation of 10 sts. Turn.
(10 sts)

2. – 7.
 Ch 3 (counts as first st and first
ch 1
). Sk same st, dc in next st. *Ch 1, sk next st, dc in next st* work 4 times Turn. (11 sts)
Don’t tie off.

Fold up the bottom two corners into the center making a triangle at the bottom. 

Using your beginning tail and a darning needle, sew the two edges together.

Tie off, weave in end.

Using your connected yarn, sc across your drift wood/dowel, putting your hook under it when you YO to attach it with each st. 

Cut yarn. Pull yarn end through the last st. Leave a bit of slack, and pull yarn end through the last st to make a loop to hang it from. 

Wrap the end around the driftwood a couple times and tie in a knot with the slack, hiding the knot on the back.

Trim end. Add some faux evergreen trimmings or mini pine cones to the front pocket, and hang. 

crochet boho ornaments crochet pattern cotton yarn easy and quick

Did you give these crochet boho ornaments a try? Please share with me on Instagram or in our Facebook Group! I would love to see!!


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  1. Good Morning,
    Is it just the one pattern for free and the other ones for sale. The email was misleading. I thought all the boho patterns were free.

    1. I’m sorry you felt misled! I thought I explained one was free, and you can use the coupon to get the full pattern at a 50% discount. Would you mind sharing which part of the email led you to believe the entire boho pattern pack was free?