These cute crochet ornaments add a perfect touch of wizarding whimsy to your tree. It includes a crochet sweater ornament, a mini scarf, and a mini stocking. Pattern includes graphs for each letter of the alphabet, so your sweaters can be customized for your favorite character or each person in your family!
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crochet mini sweater crochet ornament Harry Potter crochet pattern

My tree is slowing growing with more crochet ornaments. Once my littles are not so little, I plan on getting another tree (to put on the other side of the baby gate!) and decorating it 100% with crochet ornaments! It will take me a few years to make enough, so I think the timing will be perfect.

We are still struggling to get enough sleep around here, so I have been working on this pattern pack for quite some time! (It’s hard to get too much done in a handful of 30 minute increments!)

Ron sweater Harry Potter crochet ornament patte

These little crochet sweater ornaments are inspired by the Harry Potter Books, with which I now have a complicated relationship. Harry Potter provided a world of whimsy, belonging, a connection with other Potter Heads, a place to geek out, to feel like a child again. There was a time when I wrote lots of letters, petitioning her to work with me to make a crochet book! I have finally settled in a place where I will continue making my own HP inspired patterns for anyone who wants to geek out with me, for anyone who found a place of belonging within the pages, but could no longer pursue an official relationship (although I doubt it would have happened anyway!).
If you are feeling conflicted like me, I hope you settle in a good place.


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mini crochet sweater pattern crochet sweater ornament harry potter sweater ornament pattern

Even if you don’t care for those books, you can make these little accessories in any color and they would still be lovely. The pattern includes graphs for each letter of the alphabet, so you can make a sweater with the first initial of each person in your family.

The pattern pack includes three patterns: Scarves, Stockings, and Sweaters.
The stockings I shared last year but decided to throw them in there anyway. Three is a nice number.

Aren’t those little hangers adorable? The hangers were non-negotiable for me and definitely part of my vision for this project. I bought a couple kinds. The wire ones are nice but they really disappear once you hang the ornaments, and also snag the yarn. I would recommend going with the wood ones, they are about 6cm wide.
I got them on Amazon here.


What you need:
3.75mm Hook
– Worsted Weight Yarn
Sweater: Lion Brand Heartland in Kings Canyon and Badlands 
Scarf: Lion Brand Heartland in Redwood and Canyonlands  
Stockings: Mixture of Shine and Comfy Worsted Shine in Mccaw, Robot, French Blue, Black Comfy in Honey, Hollyberry, Thicket  
Glue Gun
– Miniature Hangers (here or here)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Foundation SC
Ch –chain
Sc –single crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc –Double Crochet
Sl st –Slip Stitch
St – stitch
YO – Yarn Over

Gauge: not important


The pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

crochet stocking ornament crochet sweater ornament pattern
crochet scarf ornament crochet pattern

Happy crocheting!


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