Happy Fall!  It’s been a crazy week here.  I definitely disappeared off the map for about a week as we welcomed our little Cubbie into our family. She is absolutely perfect, and even though she was born a week early, she was still 8 lbs 5 oz! I wonder how big she would have gotten…😅


The night before our scheduled delivery, I was having a huge amount of anxiety. A new baby means so many new changes. Can I handle the sleepless nights again? Would I still be able to take care of my other kids with a newborn that needs lots of feedings and naps? What about my blog, will I still be able to work? 


I still don’t have answers to these questions, but I am grateful for the chance to find some answers, and to have the opportunity to have these anxieties. Being a mother is such a blessing (a hard blessing, but a huge and wonderful blessing nonetheless).

I am glad to say that everything went completely textbook. It’s been a week and I am already feeling a million times better (she was delivered via c-section).  Because of medical complications, I have never had the chance to  “give birth” in the traditional sense. All my babies have come into the world via surgery.

It’s very strange those few seconds after the baby taken. I have felt movement for so many months and to have her completely gone is very strange. I feel like an empty vessel. It’s a very brief moment of separation sadness until I get patched up and am allowed to hold her.

I wonder if this is true for all births. Have you experienced this? 

We are all doing well! We are actually not as tired as I was anticipating, but I think time will tell how this babe will sleep. She is a wonderful nurser, which has not been true for my other kids. That’s one less thing to send me into hormonal tears, so I am very, very grateful.

So far, I have to remind my kids that someday soon she will do more than sleep and eat all day! The highlight of each day for them is the few brief moments when she blinks her eyes open. It’s quite adorable to see their reactions. 

I will tell you all, I spent a lot of time getting ready for this, so I have several projects on deck! I hope this “crochet season” is a good one! The pattern for this cute pixie hat is coming soon. I think I need to add a diaper cover :) 

Thank you for your support, kind comments, emails, shares and comments on social media! I personally read and appreciate every single one of them. Whistle and Ivy only exists because of you! 

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  1. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet little cherub. Wishing your family health, happiness and a easy adjustment to your new routine.

  2. Congrats !!!!
    I too had c-sections…. big babies and my pelvis wasn’t budging so …. yeah …. fun. Lol
    But I did get to experience the full “pushing” experience the 1st time before the c-section. My bladder has never been the same. Ha! He was 10 days late and 9-6

    She was a week early … went into labor and had to do my hee hee hoos until an OR was available. She was 10-3. Would have been over 11 had she waited. No thanks. I looked like I was having twins. Lol I’m guessing it was just too crammed in there and she had to bust out early Lol! She came out talking. No crying at all. And all pink. So pink! Lol.

    Having a baby is having a baby. We all can’t be that lady who pushed the baby out fast with barely any pain, and gets up and makes lunch hahaha!