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I can’t believe my son is four! It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital without a clue of how to take care of a tiny human and just hoping for the best. We are still just hoping for the best and feeling like we have no clue, but we are so happy with the person he is becoming. He is sweet to his sister, sweet to other children, loves to sing (and remember lyrics very well), and loves to build. He is finally big enough to appreciate the effort, so we decided to have a birthday party for him. Since his birthday falls in October, I thought a Halloween Themed Birthday party would be so fun for him and the kids. 

Halloween Themed Birthday Party - Pull together an easy Halloween Birthday for your October child!


 I admit, when we started planning, I was pretty nervous. I haven’t thrown a child’s party before. Although kids can be easily entertained, they can also be brutally honest if the party isn’t as fun as they would like. I decided to dive in, but knew that the best way to make the party easy would be to order a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading and minimize the work on my end. It ended up being pretty stress-free, and I think all the kids had fun. 

The cupcake decorating was the highlight. I previously frosted all the cupcakes so the kids could stick on the candies they wanted. Aren’t those cupcake liners adorable? The haunted house cupcake stand worked out perfect and is so cute. 



I think any candies would work, but the kids especially like the crushed cookies and worms. The colored strings are pulled apart licorice (fruit punch flavored). 

After cupcakes, I had a few games planned. First, we had a Dinosaur Hunt. I bought a bin of plastic toy dinosaurs and hid them all over the yard. The bin had almost 100, so it was pretty fun for the kids to find a handful each. I told them they could keep whatever they found! It was pretty hilarious watching them scramble around and squeal with delight at each find. 


Next, we played Sticker Tag. This is a simple game and a fun way to burn up all that kid-energy.  In Sticker Tag, everyone is “it”. Each child is given a sheet of stickers (I used the neon-colored round ones found near the office supplies), and they run around trying to put the stickers on each other. Once they figured out there were no rules, they were laughing, screaming and putting their stickers on anyone they could reach. 






Even though the kids were probably full of cupcakes, I offered them these cute candy corn fruit cups, an idea I got from Navy Wife Cook. So fun and so easy to put together. 


After presents, we finished up with some bubbles and sidewalk chalk so the kids had some time to wind down before going home. I loved these witch’s potion bubble bottles




We sent each child home with a goodie-bag that we filled with toys from this toy pack. My son loved his disguise glasses and was obsessed with the little slinkies. He didn’t really love the vampire teeth, which is weird because I loved those when I was a kid. 



I admit, I breathed a sigh of relief when it was over, but I was so glad we could give him such a fun day for his birthday. He had a blast! I might be reusing the game ideas, because they were so easy and the kids loved them. 

I am wondering though, do you give your kids a party every year?  

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! 

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