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When The Boy was a baby, I had a terrible experience feeding him solids. First, I made all his food. Although making baby food is not difficult, it did prove to be time-consuming for me. Second, we lived in a small apartment, which weirdly had carpet in the dining area, and not much space in the tiny, cramped kitchen. Oftentimes,  I was feeding him over the carpet. He had a lovely habit of flinging his arms wildly and unexpectedly, sending the bright orange or green purees all over the carpet. No only was it a big mess, it was wasting all my time-precious baby food. It was a frustrating experience and a tad soul-crushing (on top of my other postpartum issues). 

I vowed things would be different with Sis. No purees. I read about a feeding method called “baby-led weaning.” I knew it was for me. There are no purees, instead you go straight from milk to finger foods. Baby makes the rules so she is more apt to try new food. A total win-win. 

Except it wasn’t. I found out she was underweight due to my low milk supply and needed supplementation.  After a disappointing appointment with her pediatrician, I decided to supplement with formula and introduce solids earlier than I had planned. I was waiting because weirdly, Sis did not put things in her mouth. She was 7 months old, so it was incredibly strange. She would turn things over in her hands, but had zero interest in mouthing anything. I piled her tray with delicious and colorful snacks, and she held them in her hands, observing but never eating. 

So purees were my only option. 

Purees, oh how I loath thee. 


Fortunately, this time was different. Pouches. Pouches have literally saved my sanity. She almost drinks them, so feeding time is quick and painless and there is little to no wasted baby food. Plus it’s (almost) mess-free. 


When I saw these Chobani Tot pouches, I knew immediately they would work for us. The pouches are perfect because they have a small opening, allowing enough room for Sis to suck and swallow, without causing a huge mess (This makes it mess-free for The Boy, as well). I love that they have 25% less sugar than other kids’ yogurt and two times the protein. The fact that the Chobani Tot’s has fruits and veggies in the yogurt seals the deal for me. I don’t try to hide or sneak veggies in my kids’ diet, I want them to eat them and love them, but getting in extra veggies is always something I am willing to do!    


And because they are Chobani, you know there is nothing artificial in these pouches. Even though I don’t have kids in school yet, I think these would be a perfect in a lunch box. 


So, for now, my sanity remains intact. Whether that remains, well, it’s too early to tell. At least I am not screaming into a pillow over spilled milk purees.

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And tell me, am I the only one who hates baby purees? 

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