Hello everyone! You know that I love designing baby stuff, but I am trying really hard to branch out (although I have THREE cute baby shoe patterns coming out soon, stay tuned!). The Boy loves Yo Gabba Gabba, so I thought I would try this simple guy as my first amigurumi pattern.  Thankfully, this pattern was pretty simple to design and pretty easy to work up. Do you have a Yo Gabba Gabba fan in your house?  It has catchy songs, fun, whimsical characters and actual scenes that a toddler can relate to (interestingly enough). This is Muno (“He’s tall and happy”). He is courteous of others, loves eating noodles, is near-sited [although he gets glasses (or a glass?) AND a contact lens all in one episode] and lives in a pink and purple desert. He is The Boy’s favorite character, so I knew he would love him.


You can find the pattern and instructions  here –> Muno Plushy

So far, The Boy has enjoyed playing cars with Muno and extensively explaining the rules of hide-and-seek to him. I think he is a  hit!



If you want more Yo Gabba Gabba projects, I have a pattern for a toddler Muno Hat, and a free pattern for sewing all five character from felt.


Happy crocheting!




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