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Okay guys. I’m going to get real today. I am not really a dirty or messy person, but you can call me Miss Clutter. Lots of clutter. My husband can attest to this. So, while I try to keep my fridge clean, but it can get quite cluttered.

One bummer about keeping the fridge clean is the all the little cups and shelves that you have to wipe out, all while letting out the cold air and wasting electricity. When I had a chance to try this Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner I knew it would make my life easier. Plus, I love the pop of color!




And now, my frightening “before.”




Phew! That was scary! But you will get glad to know it doesn’t look like that anymore.


  I loved this red and white Duck® pattern, and the white is perfect for an inconspicuous liner for the door, plus it has grips on the bottom so it stays in place. What make Duck® Liner a time saver is you can take it out and rinse it by hand, or you can eliminate even more work and throw it right in the washing machine.

This liner is so easy to use and there isn’t much to it. Simply use a measuring tape to measure the width and length each little shelf, and cut the liner to match your measurements.


Then, because my shelves have round edges, I eyeballed the curves for the corners. It’s hard to see the white-on-white in the photos, but I hope you get the idea.

For the main part, I used the red and white printed liner. Repeat the same measuring process as you did with the door. I put it over the grated shelves and I love it! No more tedious scrubbing. I absolutely love my organized fridge! I will try to keep it that way.


  So what needs organized in your home? (I have a million other organization projects to do, of course!)


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Happy organizing :)



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