A few weeks ago I posted my Mr. Potatohead Quietbook page, but then I had some requests for a pattern.



 I should have thought to post it with the first post! Anyway, here is the template: Mr. Potatohead Template
After you have all your pieces cut, sew the head piece to your page. Then, sew the two pieces of each accessory together. For the mouth, embroider the teeth before you sew the two pieces together. For the eyepiece, sew on the pupils before sewing the two pieces together, and for the bow tie, sew on the knot to the top piece before sewing the two together.
Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Ahhhh! So you may have seen my most recent Silhouette Giveaway where I adopted pirate speak to tell everyone all about it…but I am sort of on a pirate rampage lately so of course, I’m loving this quiet book! Such a cute idea. Pinning this to my KIDDOS board right now for that someday when I’ve got little swashbucklers running around in need of some quiet pirate potato time. ;-) Thanks!

    The Thinking Closet