So recently, I have been trying to adopt some ways to get better sleep. It’s actually a little embarrassing. My son is an amazing sleeper, like ridiculously amazing. He usually sleeps 11-12 hours at night and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. I should be the most well-rested mom on the planet! But for some reason, I wake up in the morning totally exhausted, complete with “sandy” eyes. It’s getting rather frustrating, so I am trying anything( short of medication). One thing I read was to start wearing a sleep mask.

I’ll try it.

Sleep in style with these this classy aviator-style sleep mask.  
I found this awesome template from Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. 
Then, I just eyeballed some aviator “lenses” and added the connector pieces. Gina’s tutorial is no-sew, so if you want to avoid sewing, definitely check out how she did it! 
I hand-sewed the lenses and connector pieces to the purple top piece first, then machine-sewed the top piece to the gray back piece. 
I made the head band by sewing two pieces of ribbon together, using it as an elastic casing, then inserting a thin piece of elastic. 
Here’s to hopefully getting a better night’s rest…

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    1. Hi Lindsey! I am pretty sure hot glue would work fine! Check out the link to template. She has a no-sew tutorial, and she uses cute ric-rac :)