Happy New Year, friends! I hope you rang in the New Year with style. We were together with family and enjoyed it so much. We let our 5-year-old stay up with his cousins,  but he turned out to be quite the  cranky-pants, so we might have to rethink our NYE  festivities next year! Luckily, we are home and almost fully recovered today :)

This year provided some craziness but also some awesomeness too. It’s fun to look back and see which projects were the favorites. And since it’s easy to miss things, so I rounded them up for you! In case you missed any, these five FREE crochet patterns were my most popular in 2016. Be sure to snag them up. I really feel like January should be the month of Make Something For Me after the holiday gift-making marathon of December (am I right?). Phew!

Most Popular FREE Crochet Patterns of 2016 - Don't miss these free crochet patterns, the most popular on Whistle and Ivy during last year.

1. Crochet Plaid Slouchy

This hat was immensely popular. So popular that I decided to do a whole plaid collection. Find them all HERE. 


2. Crochet Nativity CAL

3. Crochet Key Fobs


4. Puppy Love Heart Slouchy


5. Vintage Arm Warmers 



I am so grateful for the support you all gave me in 2016, my blog is nothing without loyal readers like YOU. And I am very excited share to share with you what I am planning for 2017!  I am brainstorming and filling my editorial calendar with projects I think you will love, and be sure to share with me any requests you may have.  Follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss any of 2017’s FREE crochet patterns! Also, this year I will be focusing on videos, so be sure to follow my channel on Youtube if you aren’t already. 


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  1. So pleased I found you. It seems my daughter has a “thing” for Buffalo Plaid. I think I’m going to be kept very busy. Thank you for all your hard work creating patterns. I have tried but it is mind-bogglingly difficult.