My husband and I have moved homes many times in our relationship. It’s hard to make good friends and then leave them, but I would never give up the relationships I have made in all the places we have lived in exchange for staying on one place. Something that I have learned over the years is that there are good people EVERYWHERE. Although our recent move didn’t take us far, it still put us out of touch, and I was saddened to hear a wonderful, charitable and loving woman from our previous area was fighting cancer. A mutual friend commissioned a turban hat for her and this Simple Turban pattern by Hopeful Honey turned out to be perfect.  Even thought the pattern isn’t specifically a turban chemo cap, I think it works wonderfully.

Crochet Turban Chemo Cap - Crochet this pretty and comfortable turban chemo cap with this crochet pattern. Works up quickly and easily.

If you aren’t following Olivia’s blog Hopeful Honey, you should be! She has gorgeous patterns, and I absolutely love her style. Olivia’s Basic Turban was incredibly easy to make, and I think it would be so cute for a baby too.

Crochet Turban Chemo Cap - Crochet this pretty and comfortable turban chemo cap with this crochet pattern. Works up quickly and easily.

I stressed very much about which yarn to use. I wanted to make sure that it was absolutely something she could wear if she wanted to.  I found THIS resource very helpful. You want to make sure your yarn is VERY SOFT. I know it’s tempting to use some Red Heart Super Saver from your stash, but the hat won’t be usable to the recipient, so be sure to choose soft and squishy yarn for your chemo cap project. I chose Caron Simply Soft (found on the list), and I think it will be comfortable for her to wear.


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Crochet Turban Chemo Cap - Crochet this pretty and comfortable turban chemo cap with this crochet pattern. Works up quickly and easily.

Click over to Hopeful Honey for the Simple Turban Crochet Pattern.

Sending love and prayers to you all.

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Happy crocheting,

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  1. One of my dearest friends is now undergoing progressive radiation therapy. She has had to shave her hair off. I love her so much and I am delighted to find this pattern. Thank you.

  2. I am making hats for people with cancer. I am trying to get as many patterns I can find so I can have a variety of choices for people to choose from. As of right now I have 8 hats done. I enjoy making them.

  3. I crocheted 7 of the turbans for my friend Judy who was going through breast cancer at the time, which became lung cancer later on. I wanted her to have some pretty colors to boost her spirit so she would not feel uncomfortable when people stared at her on the subway in New York where she worked. She was a strong, remarkable friend who was my angel and I will always remember how strong she was. Sadly, we lost her in 2015, but I will always remember her loving spirit and gentle, beautiful soul. She was truly a beautiful spirit.

      1. Bethany: I was unable to download this pattern and now need it for two other people going through chemo. I used a baby yarn for Judy’s because when I asked her what would be most comfortable, she said the softer the yarn the better because her head was so tender without hair. People forget that hair also protects the skin. I used baby yarn and my stitches are very uniform so it was close knit look, but she loved them. For anyone making them for someone who will be living in the colder climate, I suggest using a soft yarn so the person will not be subjected to as little itching as possible. The new hair as it grows back, tends to be itchy to start with. Judy was African American, but her hair was baby fine and the little that grew back began to itch and her scalp was very tender. If anyone could send me the pattern in Word I would appreciate it very much. Also, am thinking of starting up a Chemo caps for cancer group in central Jersey, as there are no groups in this area. So far, I have two girls who are willing to embark on this with me, but I want to contact a few cancer centers first to see if there is a call for them before I ask for help. One of my girls is going blind because of shingles, so I don’t want to waste her precious sight while she still has it. Thank you for listening. Love and peace.

  4. What size hook did you use for this pattern? I used a J as stated, but it turned out too big. Did you use an H hook? The size suggested on the Caron Simply Soft? Thanks!