Add some rustic flair to your Christmas tree with this crochet plaid tree skirt! The wood buttons make a perfect finishing touch. Learn to work the crochet plaid technique. Make this chunky yarn, this crochet tree skirt works up quicker than you think!

crochet plaid tree skirt crochet pattern buffalo plaid crochet

This crochet plaid tree skirt was something I wanted to design last year, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. How do you make a circle out of squares?  Then the idea of making an octagon shape came to me randomly and it worked beautifully (Once I figured out the angles!).  Since this crochet plaid tree skirt is a rather large project (in my opinion) I figured a big, chunky yarn would make it easier to make.

chunky buffalo plaid tree skirt

Big chunky yarn makes this project work up faster that I thought. As I was working, I couldn’t help but think it would be the perfect yarn for a plaid blanket! It’s thick, it’s squishy and it works up a whopping one inch per row. If you want a thick and soft crochet plaid blanket (and you don’t want to work on it for a month).

And I did it! The blanket pattern is here. It’s FREE!


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What you need:
– Bernat Softee Chunky  (5 Wine, 5 Black, 3 Berry Red)
-Size 11.5 mm hook

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Dc3tog – 3-Dc decrease
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: 7 dc sts = 4″

Finished side: approx. 53″ x 53″ 

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buffalo plaid tree skirt crochet pattern
rustic buffalo plaid crochet tree skirt

Want more plaid? Check it out!

Happy crocheting! 




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  1. Am I correct in reading this pattern that the chain is created by doing 3 chains in black and then wine until reaching 43 chains?

  2. Just wondering how you could use worsted weight yarn and smaller hook to achieve same pattern. That’s the yarn I have and I don’t want to use chunky. One strand of worsted weight would be awesome! Any suggestions?

    1. Unfortunately going down hook sizes and yarn weights will result in a much smaller tree skirt! I would suggest using two strands to even it out but you mentioned you don’t want to do that. You could start with a ch that is in multiples of 6, then work the same increase and decreases indicated in the pattern on the ends of each row to achieve the same shape. This took many hours of trial and error to get the right shape with the decrease and increase angle, so I cannot tell you off the top of my head how to alter it for finer yarn. I am sorry!

      1. Bethany, could I ask what would you charge to make this. I had a friend make me one and she wouldn’t give me a price. Ugh. I bought the yarn but I don’t know how long it actually took her and I want to be fair because I also have no clue.

  3. I am having trouble with row 3, directions say “with black ch 2, DC in same stitch, 2dc in same stitch with wine( are these worked in same stitch as 2 DC), work Plaid stitch. Do I work 4 dc to start the plaid?

  4. I am having trouble with row 6, I end up with 64 stitches instead of 65. at the beginning it says, with wine ch 2, Dc in same stitch, with really red, 2 Dc in same stitch, then work plaid. Does this mean 2 DC with really red in same stitch as wine ch /DC or in the next stich, but then that is only 2 Dc of really red, should it be 3 Dc?

  5. I don’t understand what needs to be done at row 25. Ehat is the chain 11 for? I cant visualize what is happening here. Do you have pictures or a video tutorial?

    1. You are closing the hole that you made in the middle. So you need to ch 11 then work back across it because the hole in the middle is a square and you want to close off the top, but you need a slit so you can wrap it around the bottom of the tree, so you are working one side of the top, then you will go back and work the other side (slit in the middle of the top of the skirt means you need to work both sides of the slit, one at a time) Does that make sense?

  6. I understand the buffalo
    Stitch have made many blanket however I’m stuck at the end of row one beginning with the second row do you do 3 dbl crochet in the last chain my row ends with black the are the three in the last chain ending with red and red starts row two but that would give me five red dna crochet to start row 2 ? Is there a video for this pattern

      1. Sorry still confused row two starting that row when you start with red then switch over to wine red is 2 dbl crochet then wine in same stitch it screws up lining up the plaid I tried looking for a video to watch but isn’t one for this project on you tube
        Sorry I’m so confused

        1. It doesn’t screw it up :) Just give it a try the way the directions are written. Send me a photo of your completed second row and I will take a look to make sure it’s right.

  7. I rows like 4, 7, 10.. do I continue with the colors from the previous row? I cannot get my head past row 4 and I really want this under my tree!

  8. Bethany!

    I love your Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt!!

    May I make a lovely suggestion?
    Fold the skirt in half, and connect it
    to form sleeves (just a small tack, no need
    for a seam)… and ba-bang!!!
    A gorgeous poncho!!!!

  9. could you do a stitch chart for this? my daughter is making it and she is a very visual learner and having a hard time at the last stitches with the increases. or is there a video for the increases? she is autistic and non-verbal so explaining things is sometimes difficult.

    1. Oh boy. I can’t really read stitch charts, so I certainly can’t write one. There is no video for the increases, you will continue to change color as normal, you just work them in the same stitch making the increase. For instance, if your last stitch was the 2nd stitch of a plaid block and you need to make a 3 stitch decrease, you would work 1 wine (to finish the block of 3 sts) and 2 red, all in the last st, because you are starting the next color in the sequence. I am sorry I am not more help

  10. I’ve completely undone and redone this first row of plaid stuck at least four times at this point. When you turn at the end of a row, how do you keep the thread in the back of the project? My under standing is that we are not tying each color on and off every three stitches. So when I turn the project how to I keep the colors im not using on the same side

  11. Hi Bethany,

    I am the person that suggested a plaid tree skirt last Christmas. I am trying this pattern and I’m already confused on row 1. Where it says work the plaid st across the chain, leaving the last ch unworked. 3 dc in the last ch (finish last dc with Red). Turn. (45 sts).

    So do you do 3 black dc and finished the last black st with berry red? Or do the 3rd dc berry red? Do you have a video on this? I know once I get it I won’t have no problems. I’m so excited to try to get this done for my tree but I don’t know beings I’m stuck on row 1 ugh. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Thank you,

    1. Could you maybe take a picture of how it looks at the beginning and the end of a row? I think that would help a lot of people to be able to compare ours to yours. I really hope to be able to accomplish this.



  12. Wowzers this is adorable! I was looking for something that I could use more color in but I think I have to make this anyway. Only problem is my tree is really small so I’ll have to figure out making the skirt smaller!

  13. Hi! I LOVE this pattern! I’m trying to make it at the moment, and am having a bit of difficulty at the end of the first row…it says you should dc 3 in the last chain, but this pushes my plaid stitches off, and I end with black, but you say to start the next row with the red…I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. I’m with you, I’m just starting this and am having the same problem … it doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to ….. :(

        1. Yes please! I’ve gotten to the third row but it’s still not working out the way the pattern says. I saw the video for the decreases, is there one for the increases?

          1. No I am sorry! The increases are just working more than one stitch in the same stitch. Can you explain what exactly about the pattern is tripping you up? You are increasing on both sides to make the octagon shape.

          2. I understand how the increase is supposed to work, but I’m having difficulty incorporating it into the plaid suitch. and in order for the first row to work out, I had to start in the 3rd ch rather than the 2nd ch. And when I did the 3rd row, it only totalled 51 stitches rather than 53 and I don’t follow how the plaid stitch is supposed to work when I’m doing 1 black and 2 wine stitches at each end???

          3. You aren’t working increases by 3 each time, so you will sometimes need to change colors in the increase. This will make the plaid stitch work for the next row. If you don’t change colors, you will have too many of the same color when you start the next row and it will throw the whole thing off. For instance, if you are doing an increase with 2 sts and you end on wine, you will need to work one wine and one black in the last st. The black will be the first st of the black block when you come back across. if you worked 2 wine, then when you came back across, you would have 4 wine, and that would mess up the pattern. Sometimes you will need to work a red into a black when you are working a 3 dc increase because it starts the red block for the next row. However, if your stitch counts are off, then you must have made a mistake in the previous row.

          4. My only advice is to disregard the color changes for a few rows, and then when you see that you have 4 wine in a row or 4 red in row, the color changes might click. Its definitely different than other plaid projects, so it takes a bit of working and understanding what the pattern is telling you to do. I hope I am explaining properly.

        2. When you talk about working a red into a black to start the block for the next row, do you mean finishing the black with the red? Cause that makes more sense to me, if I need to end a row with black stitches but start the next row with red, then I’m changing my color to red when working my last black stitch. Is this what the pattern is trying to say???

    1. I think you could start with a short chain, and work the increases and decrease the same (to get the same angle). I would take a bit of math. This one was actually difficult to get the design/shape/angles right, so it might take a bit of trial and error.

  14. Thank you for your wonderful Plaid Patterns! I love plaid, and hope to make several of the patterns for Christmas! The tree skirt is perfect for a country-inspired theme!

  15. I love your work! I am obsessed with plaid now with these beautiful patterns who wouldn’t be! Thank you for your patterns.