Life can be messy. Sometimes you need to tie your hair up and get to work. And you can always keep a hair tie handy with these handmade crochet hair tie bracelets. Whip one out in 5 minutes and keep it on your wrist for when you need it, no more boring hair ties!
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I’m the type of gal that likes to put my hair up and get to work. When the milk spills, or the toddler needs to be chased down and changed, I grab the hair tie on my wrist, tie my hair back, and get the job down.

But oh, how boring they look.

Enter the crochet hair tie bracelet. You can whip one of these out in 5 minutes, so they are an instant crochet win. And with these hair tie bracelets , you can always keep a hair tie handy without sacrificing your wrist real estate to a boring look.

pretty crochet bracelet hair tie crochet pattern

The pattern includes 4 variations, so you can make a few and mix it up. Style 1 is a 5-minute project, the others you can whip out in under 30 minutes.

This one looks a bit less pretty on the wrist, but it’s the most stretchy and my favorite to use!

crochet hair tie bracelet crochet pattern quick and easy crochet idea

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Crochet Hair Tie Bracelet – Crochet Pattern

What you need:
4.5mm Hook
1mm Elastic Cord 
Hot Glue Gun 

Abbreviations: (Standard US Terms)
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

easy quick crochet hair tie bracelet chain boho bracelet


(other styles available in the PDF Download)

(4.5 mm hook)
Using three strands together, begin with a long tail.

Work a chain that is snug on your wrist. (it will stretch out with first use) .

Taking care that your chain is not twisted, sl st to join with the first ch.
Leave a long tail.

Glue the beginning ends in place at the seam. Take the end tails and wrap a few times around the seam and around the glued end. Inconspicuously as you can, glue the ends in place. Snip at close to the glue as you can.

crochet hair tie bracelet crochet pattern boho bracelet hair tie diy hair tie bracelet
crochet hair tie bracelet crochet pattern easy fast summer crochet

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Happy crocheting!


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