Feeling some beachy vibes? You need this sand dollar crochet blanket! Each square features a simple but eye-catching sand dollar motif, and the squares work up in the most relaxing way. Enjoy making your summer crochet blanket!
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This blanket design was bit of a Bob Ross-esque “happy accident”. When I was designing my Eco Spa Set a few months ago, I wanted to make a pretty (but easy) face scrubby to add to the set. When I finished with the design, it dawned on me that it looked like a sand dollar! I immediately grabbed some blue yarn to see if I could turn it into a square. It took a few tries of course, and some brainstorming, but it worked.

crochet summer blanket with sand dollar centers blue beach crochet pattern idea

Initially, I was going to make all the sand dollar centers with the same cream colored yarn, but halfway through I decided to add a bit of variety, and I love how it turned out.

summer crochet blanket with sand dollars, summer crochet ideas

Also, the nice thing about making a crochet blanket with squares is that it’s doable during the hotter months as you are only working on one small piece at a time. This is a doable summer project, ya’ll!

How to get this Sand Dollar Crochet Blanket – Pattern:

This summer crochet blanket pattern can be individually purchased in my shops. It is also included in the Endless Bundle, this Whistle and Ivy pattern bundle that keeps growing each month!


You can get this summer crochet blanket pattern in my shops.
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What you need:

Lion Brand Heartland: 3 Balls of Main color(Conagree), <1 ball of center colors (amazon) (lionbrand.com)
5.5mm Hook, 6.5mm hook
Darning Needle

summer crocheting blanket featuring cream sand dollars on each square

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