Finding the right gift can be a bit stressful, at least for me. However, I have found that a nice up-to-date family photo is a good start for parents and grandparents. I made these photo plaques for my parents, in-laws and grandparents, and I love how EASY they were to make, and how cute they turned out.

Easy Photo Collage Plaque Gift
To make the photos, I went to and made a print collage (this is not an affiliate link, I just found their service to be quick and easy). You can either have them printed at your nearest Walmart and then pick them up in an hour, or you can have them shipped to your home within a few days. I opted to pick mine up a few hours after I ordered them. 
Then, I found a 5×7 plaque and some mini knobs to use as a stand for the back. 
Easy Photo Collage Plaque Gift
Then, using a hot glue gun, I attached the knob to the back. Make sure to glue the knob very close to the bottom so it’s more stable when it stands. 
Easy Photo Collage Plaque Gift
After the glue hardens, paint the whole thing black. 
Easy Photo Collage Plaque Gift
My wood was a bit rough, so I sanded it down a little bit, and gave the edges an antique look with the sandpaper. 
Then, decoupage your photo onto the plaque. My photo was a bit big, so I sliced about a 1/8″ off each long side using my paper cutter. Apply a generous amount of decoupage glue to the back of the photo and onto  the front of the plaque. 
Easy Photo Collage Plaque Gift
So easy, so cute!
Happy crafting :)

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