Today’s Crochet Tip Tuesday is brought to you by Krista from Rescued Paw Designs. On Tuesdays a share a tip to help your crochet skills! Today, Krista is sharing an easy tip on how to keep your stripes rows nice and neat when you change colors!


how to change color in crochet


Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! A few Tuesdays per month I share a nifty crochet tip with you so you can take your crochet game up a notch, no matter where your skill level is. I try to share advanced and beginner tips so everyone can have a chance to learn something new.
Crochet Tips are awesome because they are usually super easy to implement and can save you time, energy and frustration. 

Today’s tip guest is Krista from Rescued Paw Designs. If you are brand new to crochet color work, you might feel like bringing in a new color is scary or intimidating. Just watch how this is done and you will see it’s much easier than you thing. This sweet little tip will make your stripes look nice and neat. I personally LOVE working in stripes. 

Learn how to change color in crochet row at Krista’s blog! 

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