This pretty crochet basket wall planter is perfect for real air plants or faux greenery! The crochet planter makes a great Mother’s Day or housewarming gift. The crochet pattern includes 3 sizes.
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Last spring, in an effort to make a super sturdy basket, I set off to find the right kind of rope to crochet around.
I whipped up the design for these hanging baskets, and the rope I ended up using was plain old clothesline.
It works perfectly because it’s rather stiff to begin with, it’s a nice size, and I hope it’s affordable and accessible to most of you.

During my quest for the perfect rope, I had so much fun experimenting with crochet and cording!
This pattern was a WIP from last year, but sadly it would up in my WIP basket for the rest of the year. I was so happy to pull it out and finish it up (even though the counts gave me a run for my money!).
The pattern includes three sizes. I wanted a largish one, but I ended up making it smaller than I originally planned because even with the rope, it still wasn’t quite stiff enough to hold its own weight.

The tiny one is just the right size for an air plant or two and it turned out so cute!

cute crochet wall hanging planter vertical planter boho crochet planter crochet pattern


There sure are a lot of complicated tutorials, long-winded videos, and intimidating patterns out there which can quickly lead to overwhelm.

Let me help.

– Crocheting easy, modern patterns
– Making projects that you’re proud to gift
– Enjoying a library of patterns that boost both your skill level and your confidence
– Getting support on your crochet journey
– Joining a community of people like you



What you need: 

  • Size 4mm Hook
  • 2 balls of Dishie (Medium Weight 100% Cotton Yarn)
  • 3/16 Cotton Clothesline
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fusible Interfacing (optional)

crochet basket wall planter crochet pattern cute crochet for summer and spring

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crochet air plant basket crochet pattern crochet planter wall planter

Happy crocheting, 

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  1. This is marvelous work, can’t edit to get on it…. Very sheek!! (if you ask me)
    😊 glad things are becoming normal again… take care!! God Bless you!!
    Rhonda Fannin 🌷