These darling crochet baby gladiator sandals are perfect for summer for your little non-walker! They go perfectly with darling shorts or a sweet summer dress. Make them for a thoughtful baby shower gift or for your own bundle of joy.  This post uses affiliate links. For more information, click HERE

I can’t believe how time flies! Summer is already halfway over. When my sister told me when my niece’s baby blessing would be, I was really excited to make her some white blessing shoes. I was originally going to make her a pair of Little Dot Mary Jane Booties, but then I changed my mind. It’s summertime, this little princess needs some crochet gladiator sandals! I wrote this Button Gladiator Sandals pattern just for my sweet niece.

crochet gladiator sandals for baby free crochet pattern
summer crochet sandals for baby crochet gladiator sandals free pattern

They are actually pretty quick to make. It took me almost as long to position and sew on the buttons as it did to make one shoe, and they don’t use very much yarn. They will be perfect for baby showers too!


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Make sure to seal those buttons! Sew them on very well and put a dab of nail polish or super glue over the threads.


Please remember: You are free to use this crochet gladiator sandals pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please DO NOT use my photos in your listings.

What you need: 

-Size F hook (my favorites hooks)
-Worsted Weight Yarn (KnitPicks Brava in Mint and Rouge, and Mighty Stitch in Blush and Silver)
-8 Small Buttons
-Needle and Thread
– Super glue or clear nail polish 

Abbreviations: (American Terms)

St – Stitch
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sc decrease – Sc2tog
Sl st – Slip Stitch


This pattern is available in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

crochet baby gladiator sandals free crochet pattern

Happy crocheting!

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  1. I need to make a pair of these for my 12 month old great grandbaby….Do you have a bigger pattern I can purchase….ty so very much…Jacqueline Marchant … aka jackie

    1. Hi Jacqueline! Sorry for the confusion, when I originally wrote this post I broke it up into two pages because I thought it was be easier to read, but I think it just causes confusion, so I have put all the pattern sizes onto one page. The pattern includes a 9-12month size, but I think if you go up a hook size or two, they will be perfect with a little room to grow :)

      1. The link on my PDF didn’t work either… Not sure if it’s compatibility?
        (I have an iPhone)
        Great seasonal patterns & thank you for the renewed inspiration!

  2. Hi love your pattern, how do you make a bigger size, do I increase the chains at the beginning or just use a bigger hook

    1. I am very fearful of any buttons on baby clothes. No matter how well they are attached, there is always a possibility of them coming loose and the baby getting on them.

      1. Just like any baby item, nothing is safe enough to leave a baby unattended. Use discretion and common sense. I think sealing the threads with super glue or nail polish (as indicated in the pattern) makes them pretty secure. Babies don’t have super-human strength!

    1. I no longer make and sell these because I simply don’t have time. I am working on getting a list together of crafters who do make them.

      1. Bethany, Do you have a free pattern for the gladiator slippers? I am looking for a pattern for a child size 7 or 8. Thank You Georgiana

      2. I have a disease that is similar to Multiple Sclerosis except it only affects the spine. it is called Transverse Myelitis. Crocheting is the one of my favorite things that I am able to do during long periods of tie when I am mostly bedbound. It helps to gives me a feeling that my life is not worthless and that I am still a useful human being that has something to contribute to the world.
        So, would you please keep me in mind when someone asks to have anything made FOR them. Please contact me by email but do it by your personal name so that it doesn’t end up in a spam or special promotions folders. I would be most happy to either send you some pictures of the inside look of some of my pieces or make up up something of yours creative design and send it to you so that you will be assured of the anal quality of my work before you recommend me to anyone else. I would be most grateful for the chance to do something for another rather than just lay here and feel every awful moment of pain!
        Thank you.
        With Honor and Respect,
        Laura Lanter

  3. Thank you for these cute patterns! When I make the soles on any size slipper, I leave a beginning tail of yarn long enough to equal the length of the beg chain. I stitch through two lps of the beg chs and then when I’m working on the opposite side of the beg ch, I crochet over the unworked lps of the beg chs and the beg tail. If there is a little bit of the beg tail left, I just cut it close to my work. By crocheting over that beg tail it makes the sole a little stronger. When I’m making the soles double, I just tuck the ending tail between the two sole pieces after I tuck it in just a few stitches. (aka My Crochet Cellar)

  4. I really wish there was a video for these. I absolutely love them, but have trouble following the pattern. A video wud be great for the visual learners.

  5. I am having trouble seeing the instructions for the straps. I just finished the heel and then I see some asterisks and no additional instructions for the rest of the straps. I tried to make it up on my own by looking at pictures but would love to see the correct method. Thanks

    1. The straps just dangle until you sew the buttons onto the sandals. They only attach when you push the buttons through the holes on the end of the strap. (instructions are at very bottom)

  6. Thanks so much for you patterns. I looked every where for crochet baby sandals. Yours are the cutest! I made several of them and love hem all!!! Thanks again, I will refer all my friends to your site! Sammi

  7. I love the pattern it is so cute! I seem to be having a problem with the st. count on the heel where you are doing the ties. It says to ch.20, then sl. st. into second ch. from hook. then sl. st. (31) . I cannot seem to make that a reality. Same on the other tie ch. 20 , and then there are 23 sl.sts. Am I reading this wrong?

    1. Thank you! I haven’t made these in a while, and the st count may very well be off. I wouldn’t know for sure without working up a pair, but don’t focus on the exact count, just chain 20, sl st down the chain. Sl st across the top of the shoe, ch 20 for the other tie and sl st back down and tie it off. I will see if I can make a pair and double check the counts, and fix any mistakes. Sorry for your confusion!