Summer has been busy! I thought it might be a slow time for the blog, but I continually heap stuff onto my own plate (why do I do that?!). At the beginning of the year, I thought about planning a Crochet Christmas-in-July series, but didn’t get going on the designing until late spring. I planned to do 7 Christmas-themed projects over a week. I got almost totally done with the 6th project and decided to switch gears and focus on Christmas Gift Ideas. It seemed to make more sense since Holiday gifts seem to take the most time each year. Plus, now I have even more Christmas stuff to share in a few months. We will be busy this fall and winter ;) 

Due to my last minute change of heart, I will only have FIVE projects for the week instead of SEVEN. Lame, I know, but if this goes well, I will revamp it and make it bigger and better for next year. Be sure to give me your feedback so I know how you feel about it! (comment on this blog post, reply to my emails or leave comments on my facebook page!)

Since the week is focusing on Christmas Gift Ideas, each pattern is from a different category. The patterns will include a clutch, a chevron hat, and easy and comfy scarf, a case for an iPad or tablet  and some darling slippers. I think you might be tempted to either keep your project for yourself or make an extra! 

Update: Get the gift patterns here!

Ribbed Scarf 
Southwest Style Tablet Pouch 
Chevron Hat 
Ankle Tie Slippers 
Rica Colorful Clutch 

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Christmas in July stars on Monday! See you there! 

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  1. I’d much rather see you down-size the number of items you are able to do instead of not having any at all!!! Thanks so much for the great patterns.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I love the patterns.,They are super cute. I’m looking forward to making them, especially the chevron hat. Thank you!
    Donna. : )

  3. I love the hat. I was once a crocheter through and through, then as I began to knit, I often chose knitting over crochet. The knitting took less yarn and the finished piece was lighter weight, etc. But your designs are sooo cute, you have won me over to the hook again. I think any of these would be wonderful anytime gifts, but Christmas is a great idea. I love the hat- oops, I already said that. But it bears repeating.

    1. Yay! Come back to the dark side ;) Thank you for your kind words! I hope to be a knitter some day (can’t quite wrap my brain around it). Maybe when all my kids are in school I will have more time to spend practicing.

  4. What a cute little clutch! Can you let us know the material so we can purchase and be ready for Monday? ❤

  5. This is perfect! I have a crochet biz and so busy with orders that I haven’t had time to make many homemade gifts. I think I could fit these cuties in. [If i can stop from keeping them] ha! Such a great idea!! Thank you. Now to join your group! Have a nice day!

  6. Thank you so much!! You are such a talented designer and you are so generous with your patterns, advice, just everything. I love this idea of starting gifts early and with cute patterns like these, I can’t wait to start!! Thanks bunches!! 💖💖💖

  7. Loving the slippers! Your slipper patterns are what first drew me to your page and all the other lovely patterns you have had made me stay. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into these, I know I truly appreciate it!

  8. Thanks for the tip. Although “lame” indeed refers to someone who can’t walk (It is not normally used when referring to a person, it is normally used when referring to an animal), a secondary meaning to “lame” is ‘ an unconvincingly feeble excuse”. No reason for anyone to be offended whatsoever.

    1. Speaking from someone who is literally “lame” in the disabled sense, Bethany’s use of this term is not offensive in the the least. Her meaning was obvious. Let’s not be overly sensitive.
      That being said, I love your patterns and look forward to your emails. I’m going to try the nativity set….copied last year, but never started 😊. I also love the hat pattern in this post…and will copy and try to actually complete it.
      Thanks for sharing your talents!

      1. Thanks so much for your kind words Amy :) I hope you enjoy making the hat! The nativity is definitely worth trying, I love getting mine out each year!

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I love these!!! I am so excited!! It’s hard to choose a favorites but I’m really feeling that awesome hat! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Firstly, I love all your patterns! I totally fell in love with all your plaids. My son (age 28 now😱) has had his own love affair with plaid his entire life. So I’ve made him several!
    Secondly, I appreciate the work you do coming up with ideas, both design and blog. I like that you have Patterns that are Christmas themed but thatyou have everyday Patterns in the Gift. That makes them more usable for the recipients than just seasonal.

    1. Thank you so much Valori! I am so glad you son likes them! I agree, I don’t really like giving Christmas themed gifts during the holidays because the don’t get much use!