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The Boy turned four this year. He is growing up so quickly, and I hope to instill the same values I was taught as a child. One main value is work.   I am trying to have him do more things and have more responsibilities. A few weeks ago I wrote him a chore sheet. He loves being helpful, and the chores have been a wonderful addition to our routine. As the holidays get closer, I wanted to add more and carry on a tradition of service that I grew up with. This simple Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar is the perfect way to keep the spirit of giving and service on our minds and in our home through the month of December, while being able to enjoy the holiday tradition of Hershey’s Kisses chocolates each day. 

Someone always brought a bag of Holiday Hershey’s Chocolates to our family Christmas get together, so I always look forward to seeing them on the shelves (Hershey’s Kisses Truffles and Candy Cane are my favorite Holiday flavors). It seemed fitting to pair Hershey’s Kisses chocolates with our new service advent tradition.

Because of his age, we have to keep everything rather simple. I sat down with him and we discussed ways we can show kindness and do service to those around us. I encourage you to do the same! He had some sweet ideas that I never considered, ideas that he was excited about doing, which makes this projects extra meaningful. Since we are doing one per day, we have a list of 25 acts of kindness and service.

1. Pick up Sis’s toys

2. Color Cards to take to the nursing home 

3. Send Grandma a letter 

4. Leave an encouraging note in a library book

5. Anonymously leave a treat on a neighbor’s doorstep

6. Help set the table

7. Draw pictures and mail them to family

8. Feed the birds

9. Bring a treat and card for teacher

10. Bring in a neighbor’s garbage

11. Make donations to homeless shelter

12. Leave treat for mail carrier

13. Rake leaves for a neighbor

14. Hand out candy canes at the hospital

15. Take food to the food bank

16. Pick up trash at park

17.Visit a lonely neighbor

18. Write kind note for Sis

19. Take a meal to someone in need

20. Donate baby items to NICU

21. Take cooking items an towels to Women’s Crisis Center

22.Cheer someone up who is sad

23. Take an angel from the local tree

24. Help clean our church

25. Help keep Sis happy when Mom needs to do something quickly

The Hershey’s Kisses worked better than I could have hoped. They hang from the tree so perfectly, and the pretty colored foil wrappers look so pretty. 

 Twenty-five Kisses are hung on the tree, and under each kiss is a number for the countdown. When my second child is old enough to participate,  I will make a list and a set of Hershey’s kisses for her as well, so she can each enjoy the delicious sweetness of Hershey’s and doing good for others.


I have included a printable with 25 numbers and 25 tags for writing your acts of kindness. You can assign one to each day, or keep them in a jar and pull one out randomly.  Click here to download the printable. 1 To assemble this simple advent calendar, cut out the numbers and tags on the printable. Next, turn your Hershey’s kisses into ornaments for the tree by cutting 25 pieces of twine and tying them into knots. 


Next, glue the twine to the back of each Kiss with a dab of hot glue. Finish them with another dab of hot glue on the bottom to attach the numbers. 


After you create your own list, write each item on the tags and place them in a jar. I liked the idea of pulling one out randomly each day.   


  Not only will he enjoy counting down the days to Christmas (Hershey’s Kisses chocolates!), but I hope he will find joy in joining together as a family and serving others each year, which is truly where great happiness comes from. 


What are your Holiday traditions? 

For even more ways to use Hershey’s Kisses be sure to visit The Hershey Company online.   

Enjoy your Hershey’s chocolate, I know I will. 






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  1. Lovely idea! Sounds like you are heading for a perfect simple and cosy Christmas – the best kind. We just moved to Vancouver Island from the UK – so this is our first Christmas without family nearby – we are planning something similar, just us and the children.