I have spend a lot of time reflecting on my goals for this coming year. I have a few doozies, but I honestly feel like if you set the bar higher than you think is possible, you can surprise yourself what what you can achieve. One of my main goals is to be a resource for you. A place where you can find all the cute crochet goodness, awesome hacks and helpful reviews that you could want or need. To make sure I am on the right track, I was hoping you could help me by filling out this quick survey. 

As an extra incentive, I am hosting a giveaway in exchange for your help! I found this beautiful yarn in a cute little shop in Orlando when we visited there for our 10th anniversary. I make it a point to find little yarn shops when we travel, it’s so much fun! The beautiful store we visited is called the Knitting Patch and is owned by a sweet Russian woman. It is a fantastic place, and I had a hard time choosing only a few skeins. I settled on two skeins of beautiful wool tweed, and two hanks of super soft baby alpaca yarn in burgundy and black. The alpaca yarn is so soft. SO SOFT YOU GUYS. I am also including a copy of Modern Tapestry Crochet, by Alessandra Hayden, the book that gave me courage to try tapestry crochet!





To enter the giveaway, please take the survey and put your email address in the giveaway widget. Your email address is safe with me and WIL NOT be shared with anyone or even kept by myself for any reason or purpose, I am just using it to check and see that everyone who enters actually took the survey ;)

I also have a few other freebie entries for those who want their hat in the ring a few extra times.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for your help! I hope that together we can make 2018  AWESOME!

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  1. When I clicked on the little box that says enter the giveaway, it says a winner was chosen already. Is that right? I just got this email today!

  2. Next time your in FL 30 min from Orlando airport, going east towards the beach but not quite, to Cocoa Village is a great small yarn shop I found when I moved into the area…KNIT AND STITCH stone street Cocoa, Fl…32922. Not a paid post….

    1. You just need to put your email address in the box on the giveaway, the giveaway doesn’t know whether you have taken the survey, I will manually look at the later.

  3. This is the first time I have made the Neva Hat. The tutorial was incomplete, I was disappointed with the tutorial.


  4. Thank you for the opportunity, love your work ❤️, I have been wanting to give tapestry crochet a try for a while but I am too scare to. Maybe it is meant to be.

  5. It’s wonderful self-help to post a survey. Makes it possible for you to reach your goal(s). Good job!

  6. I’ve never won anything in my 75 years and don’t expect to win this either but the yarn is beautiful and I hope whoever wins it has great success making a truly wonderful item with it.

  7. I have signed up for the news letter and still hav3 not received the email for the ebook. Is there a way to purchase the ebook I really want it.

    1. Let me check for you. Can you reply to the comment email with your email? ITs’ possible that you didn’t finished the subscription process (You have to click a link in a confirmation email).