Women’s Loafer Slippers Crochet Pattern

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I finally finished a pattern that I have been working on! It felt like it took way longer than it should have, but I am so glad to be finished. I really love how they turned out, and they are so comfortable!

What you need:


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You can find this pattern here: Women’s Loafer Slippers
Hope you like this pattern!
Happy crocheting!
*I have had a few people who have comments and concerns about the sole. If it appears to be too small for your foot, you are doing it right!! Don’t be tempted to go up a size, your finished slipper will be too big*


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  1. Kasey G says

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to make this pattern. I’ve been trying to find a quick and simple slipper pattern for myself and this looks like it will be just right. Love it.

    • cheryl says

      I also wanted to say your videos are so helpful and your patterns are amazing thank you so much I have postpartum depression and crocheting has been so therapeutic for me. and it always feels nice finishing a new pattern your time is greatly appreciated

  2. Becki says

    I would love to make these to wear outside. Do you have a method for attaching some sort of sole to this pattern?


    • Bethany says

      Personally, I don’t! Sorry! But I have had a few people comment with their own methods, so feel free to look through them and see if one works for you.

  3. Andrea says

    I’m so excited by your pattern!! It’s adorable! Could you please tell me how to increase the pattern to a 6 1/2 or 7?

    Thank you so much for the pattern and your time,


  4. Leah says

    I have a question about this pattern, would it be possible for you to email me, so I can find out what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

  5. Nicole D. says

    I have a few questions about this pattern as it didn’t really work out for me when I tried it, and I had a little confusion with some of the instructions. If you can personally email me it would be much appreciated, thank you.


    • Nicole D. says

      I assumed that since I had to give my email here to comment I wouldn’t have to reveal it for you here publicly to email me , so if you could let me know if I need to post it or something to receive an email or if you get it by me just posting can you respond. I wanna make some slippers for a friend before she moves away thanks again, I really like this pattern :)

  6. says

    I need a size 6 1/2 I did the sole from pattern omg to big way to big I love these and want to make some for my girls please help dme101@aol .com and happy easter

  7. says

    Thank you for the lovely pattern. May the yarn goddess bestow her woolly, (non-itchy of course) blessings on you for taking the time to write out all the sizes. There is a yarn goddess, I’m sure of it…there must be… isn’t there? :-D

  8. says

    Hi, my biggest problem is finding a pattern that fits my wide feet :( any suggestions as to how to tweak the pattern in a way that won’t totally change the look?

    • says

      You can work hdc in the side part and switch to sc when you are working the toe part (on the sole). Then, you can make the circle toe flap larger by doing more rounds.

  9. says

    Hello I’ve downloaded you pdf file and am trying to make the size 9. I have tried 3 times to make the sole, but when I get to the 4th row or so, I find I’m crocheting the increases onto the side of the sole instead of at the ends. I don’t see what I’m overlooking, I was hoping you might be able to help me, please. I usually crochet baby booties, hats, blankets, things like that. This is the first pair of crocheted slippers that I’ve actually really liked the look of….. Thank you for creating and providing the pattern :) I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I would dearly love to make a pair. My email address is Jewelies3911@gmail.com. They really are great looking slippers!

    • carole juarez says

      Are you crocheting clockwise with the toe pointing down or in a ccw direction? The right side of the project will be on the back of your work so think about how to join based on that (The bottom of the sole is the right side in this case-the wrong side is the side facing you-the inside of the shoe.

      I think this is what is screwing alot of people up…

  10. says

    I love this pattern and found the link to the pattern. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe so decided to make a size 8. I used a size F (3.75mm) hook so it would be even smaller and give it plenty of room to stretch. The sole turn out to be more like a size 9 1/2. I decided to continue to see how it turned out. I get to row three of the body and the pattern started getting complicated. Then continued on to row 4 and it got worse. I’ve been crocheting for many years and know how to read a pattern but this one just isn’t written right

    3. Ch1. Sc in same st. sc3. Sc2tog twice. {Sc2. 1 sc2tog} 4 times . Sc 2. sc2tog twice. Sc 16. Hdc 4.dc 4. Dc2tog. Dc 8. Dc2tog. Dc 4. Hdc 4, sc 13.

    (Sc2. 1 sc2tog) <—- it says, sc in next 2 sts, 1 sc2tog in next sts … this is how I read it but what is the “1” in there for? It says to sc2, and then do you do another sc?? If so why not say “sc3″?
    4. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc 27. Sc2tog 5 times. Sc 1. Hdc 4. Dc 4. Dctog 5 times. Dc 4. Hdc 4. Sc 1. Sctog 5. Sc 2.

    On this row, it says, “Dctog 5 times” I just couldn’t figure out how many dc’s it wants together.
    Then things just don’t line up on row 4. It’s decreasing around the heel and the sides and just doesn’t look right. Guess your not suppse to dec around the toe.
    I have pulled the body out 4 times and have worked on this one shoe all day! Pretty frustrated!! I really would love to make these slippers but don’t want the stress it’s causing me.

    • carole juarez says

      The 1sc2tog is just a sc2tog.

      sctog – I think she just left out the 2 = sc2tog 5x

      I haven’t had any problems and if you just read it literally using your knowledge of standard crochet, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary in the pattern. I always like to have a diagram to look at if I can’t understand – but not everyone has the capability to create one…

  11. says

    This pattern is awesome! Can’t wait to try it! Do you think you could help me make these in a size 12? My godmother is extremely tall and she wears a size 12. Please & Thanks!

  12. says

    Hi!! I am so grateful for your very clear and easily understood patterns! I had one little question about the body of the shoe, am I only suppose to go through the 2 little slip stitch loops or all the loops in which the soles are connected and the slip stitch loops. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I just started crocheting in aug, and I’m hooked! :-) thank you!!

    • says

      Through the sl sts you made when you sewed them together. That way the stitches go up, forming the body of the slipper. Let me know if you have other questions!

  13. says

    Thank you so much Bethany…these are adorable and I am starting to put them together. I am a fairly advanced crocheter and not new to reading patterns. I found the HARDEST part was starting the single crochet stitches on the slip stitches of the sole!!! The slip stitches are so flat that I had to use a smaller F hook in order to get the yarn underneath them. WHEW……I think it took me almost 90 minutes to get one row!!! Any tips about that??? Thank you dear. I do love that double sole…..extra cush where you need it!

    • says

      Thanks, Gerri! You definitely need to sl st loosely. Give yourself slack every time you make the next st and it will work out much easier. This gives you room to get under them. I hope you get them finished, let me know if you have other questions!

      • carole juarez says

        I made some using a sc instead of a slst. It’s easier to get into a sc and it doesn’t add that much height…

    • says

      Thank you dear….they are coming along nicely. Another tip is to make sure when doing the first row of single crochet around the sole that you work clockwise with the toe pointing down…otherwise you will get to the HDC and DC stitches and they will be in the wrong place. Boy what a dumdum I am….I did it the wrong way cause I wasn’t paying attention and had to frog the whole first row :(.

    • says

      Shoot! Sorry you had to frog it. I guess I didn’t specifically put which way to work, but wouldn’t the right side of the stitch be on the inside of the slipper if you worked from the inside? Anyway, I hope you get it to work for you!

    • says

      Hi Kelli,

      You know, I have never felted a crochet project before, so I am completely unfamiliar with how much bigger you project would have to be. Maybe you could google a chart. You can pretty much find anything on the internet these days! You could maybe consider crocheting a bottom sole piece from thin hemp, to give it a sort of sole, instead of felting. Sorry I am not more help :(


      • carole juarez says

        I was thinking about adding a layer of craft foam in between the two layers of the sole for added stability. Not sure what it will do…

  14. says

    I’ve downloaded and started on this pattern. I’m just a little confused on one of the steps. I have the two soles stitched together, but the starting with the 18th bit doesn’t make much sense to me, would love a little help!

    • says

      Hold your sole, and point the toe downwards, and the heel upwards. Find the slip stitch that is in the very middle of the toe. That is stitch #1. Count 18 to the right, going around the toe and up the side, and start there.

    • says

      So the more narrow side is the toe, and wider side is the heel? I’m so sorry , I am not used to following patterns. This is my first time making something like this.

    • says

      No, the wider part is the toe, just like a pair of shoes. No worries! I want you do be able to make these, I will help any way that I can.

  15. says

    Drats! I’m having trouble downloading and putting this on my Word.

    Please advise! I would like Sz 8 – but can I get that from here? LOL

    msfair AT pacbell DOT net

    You’re very, very talented . . . and a wonderful daughter.

  16. says

    Hi, Bethany, thanks so much for sharing your talent (and patterns). Since I´m a beginner crocheter I really appreciate those who do so. God bless you (btw our local church is called Bethany so I´m double pleased) :)

  17. says

    My name is Katarian, I live in the Bahamas, I total like this pattern, because I have an outfit that am trying to put together, and these loafers would work grate for my garments. In fact I’m looking for a pair in pink and yarn in that colour would work well, these shose are so simple I’m, going to chrochet two roses, and some rinestone to put on them. I would like for you to email my the pattern in a size 9 plaese to hotpinklady19@yahoo.com. The size 5 would work for my grandmother, her feet are tiny.

  18. says

    My name is Roni Link. aka link.roni@gmail.com. I just had a total knee replacement surgery and will have the other done in 6-8 weeks. The slippers look perfect for what I need. Please email me the pattern so I can get started and stop wearing out perfectly good white socks………..that BTW are a pain to put on as I have to bend my knee. OWIE.


  19. says

    Hi! You can click ‘HERE’ between the second and last pictures and it will take you to the pattern, where you can download it, or you can send me an email and I will get it to you: whistleandivy at gmail dot com
    P.S. You are a no-reply commenter, if you go to your settings under your blogger profile and click “show email,” blogs you comment on can reply directly to you via email (in case you didn’t know :) )

  20. says

    Like everyone else, I love the loafers! I wear a size 8 shoe, may I have the pattern for a size 8? I clicked on the link to get the pattern, but it was all gibberish. The photos were clear, but no words, just little boxes everywhere. Weird~
    Off to follow you on the net!
    Thanks a million!

  21. says

    Love these! These is the first slipper pattern that I have ever looked at and said, I want to make those NOW, so cute! And they look so comfy. I wear a 7.5-8 in a shoe, but my feet are very narrow. What would you recommend? Making a 7 to stretch the length, an 8, r try to get a 7.5 by changing hook size or some other way? Thanks! Don’t know if I am a no reply blogger or not.

  22. says

    Hi I’m Charlotte!

    Love this pattern, I have just started to crochet with my nan after years of knitting. I love these shoes and think it would be a great idea to make my Mum some for Mothers Day. Can I have the pattern in a ladies UK size 7 for her please?? I am following you on pinterest and twitter. You can find my official blog at http://www.baconflavouredjam.com and my contact details are there should you have trouble with my google account.

  23. says

    Oh my goodness. You are so talented!! I would NEVER be able to make these. I tried to make a dishcloth once, and I got through about 2 lines. It is HARD!

  24. says

    hi, saw others were having emailing issues as well, tried to write twice, my emails never showed up here also, thanks for sharing, I appreciate your hard work figuring these out, I found you on ravelry thanks, womens size 9 will be ADORED as a gift, thanks again! jen hermanroop@gmail.com

  25. says

    So cute! I’ve been wanting to make something like these for a while but am not very crafty. Thanks for sharing! (Also, it was great to meet you at the BYB2013 :) )

  26. says

    Hi Bethany,
    I’ve started following you via Pinterest. I’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect slipper pattern and I think you’ve created it, thank you. I’m a size 8.
    Ali x

  27. says

    Those slippers are so cool. I liked your Facebook page (also checked you out on YouTube, the Ruffle Cardigan is adorable and very creative). My shoe size is women’s size 8 and my email address is pwalker281@gmail.com. Looking forward to getting the pattern. And I’m going to pin this post to my crochet Pinterest board so you may be getting a lot more requests.

  28. says

    L-O-V-E these!! TOO CUTE & love the color you chose too!! I just need to learn to crochet now!! ;*) … Have a lovely Valentine’s Day & Fabulous job on your beautiful slippers!


  29. says

    I “liked” you on Facebook, and also followed you on Pinterest :) Ya know…that addicting pinning site! THANK You for the pattern! this is the first time I’ve seen someone give away a pattern like this…WunnnnnerFul Idea!

    My email is klforbes at aol dot com.

  30. says

    Followed ib pintrest and google + and i already have you in the likes. Is it hard to get slippers to match. I dont make them often cause I am worried they wont match. Kinda silly of me since I am sitting here knitting some handwarmers. :)

    • says

      Cristen, you are a no-reply blogger! I need your email so I can send the pattern to you. Email me so I can get it to you. whistlandivy at gmail dot com

  31. says

    Hi, thank you for the great loafer pattern. I am following you via facebook and Ravelry.
    a size 9 womans please as my 2 daughters and 1 wear the same size.
    Thank you again!
    Gayle M


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