These darling crochet baby loafers are classic baby shoes! Make them fore either boys or girls. They go great with most outfits and are perfect gift or layette addition for your upcoming baby shower! Make them for yourself too with this crochet pattern. This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Crochet loafer booties for baby crochet pattern cute crochet for babies

Ugh. Being sick in the spring is no fun. I was finally starting to feel better on Monday and then I woke up Tuesday with a raw throat and scratchy voice. Round two. Growing up, my mom was never sick. I don’t remember one single time. I remember thinking as a kid that moms innately never get sick, like an awesome super power. Wouldn’t that be nice?! I was determined to get these Crochet Baby Loafers published anyway, and I am hoping my plugged-nose voice in the video tutorial isn’t too annoying. These cute little shoes are the baby version of my Women’s Loafer Slippers, so be sure to make yourself a pair too!

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crochet pattern for baby loafer booties, cute gift idea for baby shower, simple and cute crochet baby shoes


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Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please DO NOT use my photos in your listings. 

What you need: (affiliate links)

Worsted Weight Yarn in 2 colors
F Hook (be sure to meet gauge)
Darning Needle 

Abbreviations: US Terms
St – Stich
Ch – Chain
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sc – Single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sc2tog – Single Crochet Decrease
Dc2tog – double crochet decrease

Cute crochet baby booties crochet pattern for baby shoes, baby loafer crochet pattern


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  1. Sooo adorable…

    Good afternoon Bethany, I’m looking for the pattern as it says free pattern in the header on the page but once you see the items you’ll need and description of stitches used it says that it can be purchased on one of your other sites.

    Is the pattern free? If so maybe I am missing the link somehow.

    I was wondering if you had a written pattern or video available for your infant sole. A video on how to increase and/or decrease sole size for all sizes would be great.

    Thanks so much,

  2. I love these little shoes. I’ve read the pattern but cant understand after row sc but doesn’t direct where. Is it into same st or next St. Sorry its not very clearly written. Is this the USA version, I’m in the UK

    1. You are absolutely right! I have been meaning to go back into my older patterns and update them to my easier to read method which I now use for all my patterns. Very sorry about this! The pattern has been updated. It is written in US terms.

  3. For some reason, when I am crocheting the back of the heal, the tall section is off to one side, I stress of being centered at the back. Any suggestions?

    1. Is it possible you are working the wrong way around the shoe? Is the right side of your stitches facing the inside or the outside of the shoe?

  4. I love this pattern but no matter how many times I try , they’re not symmetrical. I always have two stitches more than I should have. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong

      1. On the second and third row I get two stitches more. Then by the time I’m finished with the shoe it’s not even

        1. You should be working 5 increases on the toe and 3 on the heel, making your stitch count grow by 8 stitches. Are you working an extra increase perhaps?

        2. I think there’s an extra stitch at the beginning of row 3. And you have to crochet the first stitch into the same as your chain 1. I had the same problem.

  5. I would also like to ask for this pattern and your boat shoe pattern for 18 month, 24 month, and 30 month. 18-24 month would be the most helpful at this time. The video tutorial to go along with these larger sizes would be so helpful. The videos really make all the difference to someone trying a new pattern. Your baby shoes are so cute. I realize that this is asking a lot. I would be willing to pay for the pattern in the larger sizes if there were a video to demonstrate the larger sizes. Continued success to you.🌷

  6. Great pattern & quick to finish these tiny items. The vid is invaluable in figuring out the 3rd back loop in Rd 4. A close up would’ve been more helpful, it took a few false starts to get it right. Thanks again
    PS: I wish there was a way to post a pic of the slippers I’ve done in adult, 9 & 5y sizes.

  7. Hey it’s such a cute shoes I really want to try it! But I’m struggling with the body. What do you mean by starting at the third loop? I joined my new yarn at the Slip Stich and now? Please send help😃

  8. Hi thank you for all your beautiful patterns.
    I need some help adjusting this pattern to fit a 2 year old and a 3 year old please. Thank you.