Have you been wanting to try crochet plaid but it looks too intimiding? Or maybe you tried it but the increases and decreases were frustrating. I hear you. And it may have taken me two years (face palm) but I have created a course that will fix all your worries and frustrations.  The Plaid Course will take your Holiday Gift list to the next level when you finally learn crochet plaid!  

Two winters ago, I had a small idea. I had the idea to alternate colors to make a plaid-look hat. I realized that black + red makes a pretty burgundy color if you really squint your eyes a bit. Maybe this was a new cool way (and simple way) to do crochet hats!

Well, I’ll tell you, I was absolutely floored at the reaction my humble crochet plaid hat received. It gave me some ideas. Some really awesome ideas.  Of course the world needs a crochet plaid scarf, some plaid decor, some plaid for baby and kids and plaid everything. This lead to my first Plaid Week, which was such a big hit that I did it again in 2017.

However,  I chose to ignore the timid voices saying “That is way above my skill level” or “I wish I could do that, but it looks way to complicated”. Still others were scared off saying “That looks so cool, but way too many ends for me!” or “I am intimated to try working with more than one color”. 


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.
Let me help.

Picture this:  
🧶 Joining a thriving community of fellow crocheters who share your passion.
📚 Access to our ENTIRE library of patterns that will buildsyour confidence.
🎁 Gifting handcrafted treasures to be cherished by your loved ones.
🌟 Modern, easy-to-follow patterns that will leave you feeling accomplished.

It’s time to make your crafting experience as joyful as it should be. We can’t wait to meet you!

So I owe you an apology. A big one.
What kind of crochet designer and instructor am I if I don’t provide the instructions you need to feel comfortable making my plaid crochet patterns? Not a good one.
So I aim to change that. 

This week I am launching the first course in the newly founded Whistle and Ivy Crochet School: Learn Crochet Plaid.

This course includes all you need to know to feel comfortable working all my past and future plaid patterns. The course includes basics for those who haven’t tried plaid yet, and other techniques like increases and decreases for those of you who are comfortable with making a plaid hat, but the tree skirt from last year gave you pause.

The course also includes 3 FULL crochet plaid project tutorials: Included are my Triangle Plaid Cowl, which I know was a struggle for many of you during Plaid Week 2016. I am also including one of the patterns that will be released during Plaid Week 2018, and I know hope you are going to love it.

Ready to master plaid? 

Head over to The Learn Crochet Plaid course page, it’s available NOW!

happy crocheting!

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  1. I want to take your course, but I don’t see a place on the linked page where I can sign up and pay.
    Thank you.