It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Halloween, of course. The weather gets a bit cooler and I have a socially acceptable reason to decorate with skulls and all things macabre. 

This simple wreath will be kicking off the few Halloween projects I will be sharing over the next couple weeks. 


Photo by Laura Lee Images


Plus,  here are 7 other fun things to make for Halloween! It’s not too early, I swear!



1) Halloween Paper Wreath by Cook and Craft Me Crazy
2) Knock If You Dare by From Wine to Whine
3) Spooky Ghosts Etched Votives by Tiny Sidekick
4) Rice Krispy Treat Tombstones by Play. Party. Pin.
5) Countdown to Halloween Sign by Lil Mrs Tori
6) Bat Wreath by Whistle and Ivy
7) Black and White Pumpkin Painting by Homemade Ginger
8) Eraser-Stamped Halloween Shirt by Cutesy Crafts


To make this super easy wreath, you will need: 

Wire Wreath Frame
1 yard of Halloween Fabric
Black Paper
Orange Paper
Wide Black Ribbon

Start with the wire wreath frame. Tear your fabric into 3” strips, and wrap them around the frame. I wrapped tightly where one piece met the next, and didn’t need to use any glue to hold it in place until I got to the end. 




I liked the raw, frayed edge that tearing created. 




Next, cut your bats and banners. I cut mine on my Silhouette. The bats and banners are actually pretty simple, you could easily cut them by hand or with an X-acto knife.  Use font stickers for the letters so you don’t need to cut them out of the banners. 




I made the banner the same way I did HERE, by folding the banners over the yarn and gluing. 

And seriously, all you do is attached everything with hot glue and you are done! I did the banners and hanging bats on separate pieces of yarn so I could position them where I wanted. 

I cut lots of sizes of bats and arranged them from biggest to largest so they looked like they were swarming out of a cave. 
String the whole thing up with thick ribbon and call it a day. 


Happy Pre-Halloween! (Yay!)


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  1. This is adorable- I just love it! Thanks for linking up at Snickerdoodle Sunday- I will be featuring this as my favorite project, so I hope you’ll come back and link up your latest makes and bakes!! :)

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

  2. how fun! l love the swarm of bats wreath and the bonus of the other fun Halloween crafts! I love that eraser stamped shirt and will be trying at least that for sure! Hope you will stop by our Snickerdoodle Sunday sometime!

    1. Thanks! I think you will love it! I don’t really know the ins and outs of it yet, but I have loved all the projects I have made with it.

      1. This is too adorable! I’m so glad you shared it with us at Snickerdoodle. I usually put Halloween decor up on the first, and I need the inspiration -thanks! :)