This darling family of little snowmen will be your favorite winter decor! Donning their plaid accessories, this adorable little sheepskin and crochet snowman family will love living on your mantle or tabletop. Make these snowmen and give away as cherished, handmade Christmas gifts, or sell in your winter shop! 
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crochet snowman family with crochet plaid DIY

Today marks the beginning of our FOURTH annual Plaid Week! I won’t lie to you, the projects are getting tricker to come up with each year, but I have rather enjoy the opportunity to think a bit more outside the box.  I came up with the idea for snowmen this summer and had so much fun during the design process. This darling little sheepskin and crochet snowman family turned out so cute they earned the spot for day one this week.

My kids think they are absolutely adorable and I have to agree! These tiny accessories are very fun to make. I tried to include a few unique pieces so you could mix and match to your liking.

crochet snowman plaid crochet pattern


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Please remember: You are free to use this sheepskin and crochet snowman pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please DO NOT use my photos in your listings. 

What you need: (affiliate links)
4.5 mm + 6mm Hooks
Red Heart Soft Yarn (or other scrap yarn you may have)
– Saftey Eyes or Buttons (any size you like)
Carrot Buttons 
– Sheepskin Fabric (local fabric store)
Darning Needle
– Weight (like small pebbles) 

Gauge: Gauge: (with 4.5mm hook) 12 sc = 3″ (Gauge Pattern)

The pattern includes how to make the cute snowmen from fabric (only small hand sewing required!) and includes the crochet patterns for the hats and scarves for the snowmen! 

The snowmen measure about 14″ tall, and are cute on a tabletop or even at the bottom of your Christmas tree. 


This pattern can be purchased in my shops! The pattern includes how to make the cute snowmen from fabric (only small hand sewing required!) and includes the crochet patterns for the hats and scarves for the snowmen! 

crochet snowman plaid crochet pattern
crochet snowman plaid crochet pattern

Dress up your cute little snowman family and set them out all winter long.  Kids and adults alike will love them!

Who on your gift list would love this snowman family?


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  1. These are so freakin cute!! I was so excited to get started. Made my first one last night…the 8″/10″ small one and mine looks huge in comparison to your pics. May I ask how big/tall in inches are your snowmen? I’m just trying to get a reference point. I created my diameter circles with my Cricut and may have made them too big perhaps lol??


    1. Thanks! My mom actually saw them in real life last week and commented they looked much larger than the photo made her believe they were, haha! Whoops! I should have my kids hold them for reference in a new photo. The tall ones are approx. 9″ and the little one is approx. 7″.

  2. oh my gosh! simply love the hats and scarves, and of course, the snowmen:) so cute. thanks for sharing Beth!

      1. It’s about an hour away but tried to look on their website and when I type in sheepskin fabric, nothing comes up.