I am still slowly finishing up The Boy’s quiet book…and I got another page done! I have seen many people do this one, and I thought it looked like so much fun. There are so many fun accessories that you could continue to make for this one, I just thought it was too cute. You can find a printable template for this page HERE.

I also made up pirate accessories. 
Mr. Potatohead Felt Quiet Book Template and Pattern Pirate
And this one. Hipster maybe?( haha! ) Although, his glasses ended up looking more like goggles or a bandit mask!

I also made a “closet” to keep all of his stuff in, for the opposite page.

Mr. Potatohead Felt Quiet Book Template and Pattern Closet

This was a super fun one to make. Plus, because the whole thing is relatively simple,  I just drew everything and didn’t have to waste printer ink. And I am NO artist, so that tells you how easy it is to just draw up cute things for this guy.

Do you have ideas for other accessories?

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  1. What a great idea! Especially to take to church. This even looks like a do-able project for me. I don`t know how to sew. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! It is SO doable! I stitched them by hand, but it’s actually easier than using the machine, because felt can be fickle on the machine. Hope you have a chance to try it, I will be posting a pattern soon.

  2. ooo what a fun page! I made several books a few years ago, and this will for sure go in the next one I made :o) Thanks so much for taking the time to link up to the Tasteful Tuesday party @Nap-TimeCreations.com. Make sure to follow my blog via bloglovin, GFC or facebook so you don’t miss out on my features posts… it could be YOU :o)