Maybe some of you remember my Yo Gabba Gabba Felt Magnets from a while back. Well, my son still loves playing with them; not so much on the fridge, but along with his other toys on the floor. So I thought it would be fun to make a Gabbaland quiet book to go with the characters. I figured I would publish each one as I finish it. I am starting with Brobeeland.

Keep in mind, this is an “artistic interpretation” of the scenery from the show. It doesn’t look exactly the same, but I showed it to The Boy this morning, and he knew exactly what it was!

I made a printable template of this page for you! You can find it here: Brobeeland Template

Felt sheets you will need:

1 Orange
1 Gold
1 Tan
3 sheets, each a different shade of brown

The orange is the background and the foundation for the whole page. I took the gold sheet and cut it in half for the foreground, and I just eyeballed a strip of dark brown for the middle piece. It overlaps where the gold lays on the orange. Sew the brown strip in place first. After that, line up each tree piece with its secondary piece and sew them onto the page. I just laid the top piece in place and sewed them both at the same time. Then, finish with the last couple wood pieces.

Don’t forget to go and get all five characters HERE (you can just leave off the magnetic strips).

Happy crafting!

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