I have started making a quiet book for my busy bee. He is not quiet old enough (he is coming up on 8 month soon), but I figure at the rate I am going, it MIGHT be finished by the time he is old enough to enjoy it.

I have found some fun ideas online but one of my favorite places to get inspired is Imagine Our Life. Stephanie is SO talented, her quiet book pages are Amazing!

I decided to try her cookie shapes and colors page.





  Such a cute pattern! I surely did not do it justice, but I love the glass of milk, so adorable!
It’s hard to tell but it’s made with a piece of clear vinyl, and a cookie can be “dipped” into the glass. 

My next page, also one of Stephanie’s patterns, is her sandcastle page.


  I am still working on the last tower and a few fun beach items to go with it. 
I decided to sew my pages onto fabric instead of felt, I hope it works out for me!



 I also embroidered a crab behind the castle door. Stephanie had a button that she used, but I decided to just use the ‘ol needle and thread for my page.

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  1. Awesome idea…I’m feeling inspired to do something like this for my grand-daughters to help out mommy when she needs an extra hand! Thank you and God bless…