This wreath tutorial is a review and is 100% my own opinion. I was provided products free of charge by Oriental Trading. No other type of compensation was received for this review.

This St. Patrick’s Day wreath is actually my first-ever wreath. I don’t know, I just have never been into wreaths. But I thought I would give St. Patrick’s Day some recognition. It turned out to be pretty darn easy.

But first, check out this awesome round-up of St. Patrick’s Day ideas. These bloggers are so talented, I love posting with them each month!

1) Erin Go Braugh Wreath by Whistle and Ivy
2) Pot O’ Gold Rainbow Treat by Cook and Craft Me Crazy
5) DIY Green Ombre Shirt by Homemade Ginger

I was able to review a few things from Oriental Trading, which I thought was a place to buy bulk party supplies, but they have some awesome craft supplies, too!

I started by buying a foam wreath “skeleton” (I am unfamiliar with correct terms, here). I found mine at Walmart. 
Then, I wrapped it in jute wired ribbon. This stuff worked awesome! It was nice to have clean edges to work with, and one roll was exactly enough. 
Next, I cut out the banner on my Silhouette. You can use my file. I have never shared a .studio file, so I hope this works. If not, shoot me an email (find it by clicking on the About tab), and I will be happy to email it to you! If you want to make your own, it’s basically just a diamond shape with one stencil letter at the bottom. 
I used the phrase “Erin Go Braugh” which is loosely translated to mean “Ireland Forever”. 
This is what they look like when they are cut and folded. 
To finish the banner, run a thin line of white glue in the crease, and press a piece of string or yarn into the glue. I also dabbed a small bit of glue where the tips meet.  For mine, I put “Erin Go” on one banner, and “Braugh” is on a separate second banner. 
The felt shamrocks were made using this felt 50 pack, which is a pretty good deal, and the felt was the same good quality as felt I have purchased at craft supply stores. 
I just eyeballed one shamrock, then cut 5 more, using it at a template. Then, I did the same thing with the white felt, but I left some room instead of cutting it exactly around. You can hot glue yours together to save on time, but I like the look of hand stitching it together. 
I just finished by hotgluing the shamrocks haphazardly around the bottom of the wreath, and gluing the banner in place on the back. 

I hung up my banner using some simple green ribbon, found here.  Pretty simple! What do you think of my first wreath? 

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