This darling crochet s’more ornament is a fun, simple beginner-friendly project! If your family has the tradition of eating s’mores during the holidays, this cute ornament will go perfectly on your Christmas tree. 
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I have a secret. That secret is…I don’t really like s’mores. At least I didn’t use to.
I might be crazy, but the chocolate doesn’t melt, and the cracker just breaks apart. It’s not my favorite. BUT the kids loving making them, and it is always a fun activity to do as a family.

Even though they aren’t my go-to treat choice, we decided to try making them in the oven one cold winter night. The chocolate gets all melty and delicious, and honestly, its turn me into a s’mores lover.

If you aren’t someone who loves s’mores (even after trying the oven method!) you may still have room in your heart for these cute crochet s’mores!


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Let me help.

Picture this:  
🧶 Being part of a thriving community of fellow crocheters who share your passion.

🌟 Joyfully creating with modern, easy-to-follow patterns that will leave you feeling accomplished.

🎁 Gifting handcrafted treasures that will be cherished by your loved ones.

📚 Access a pattern library that enhances your skills and builds your crochet confidence.

It’s time to make your crafting experience as joyful as it should be. We can’t wait to meet you!


What you need: (affiliate links)
G hook
Medium Weight Yarn (Knit Picks Brava in Almond, White and Sienna)
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: American Terms
(Click for each video)
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
St – Stitch
Sc2tog – Sc decrease


This pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

FREE Crochet Pattern: Crochet S'more Ornament | This adorable little ornament is fun to make and looks almost good enough to eat!

And NOW we start the countdown to the holidays. Are you ready?!




FREE Crochet Pattern: Crochet S'more Ornament | This adorable little ornament is fun to make and looks almost good enough to eat!

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  1. On the opening page at the very top it says “Free crochet Pattern” S’mores Ornament, if i could send you a screenshot of it i would

  2. Where is the free pattern? I see it advertises free, but i can’t find it anywhere (for free) Ravelry shows $4.99 for it

  3. Hi I say in your blog that I can not repliblish this pattern does that mean that if I make them I can’t sell these on my store on Facebook?