This darling easy crochet pouch case is easy to make and so lovey for any occasion! Use it as a clutch or for a case for your notions. The yarn for this post was provided by Wool and the Gang. Thank you!

I guess I have been on a crochet clutch kick lately (check out my Color Pop Clutch, Tide Pool Clutch and Everia Clutch). Crochet clutches are on trend right now, and summer is the perfect time to make them, since you don’t really want to snuggle under a cozy blanket in the summer heat. This Crochet Cindy Case turned out absolutely gorgeous. I was working on it while visiting family this weekend and everyone commented on how pretty it is, and what a lovely texture it has.

Crochet Cindy Case: Get the free downloadable PDF pattern for this trendy crochet clutch, made with vegan eucalyptus yarn!


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I admit, I was skeptical about this Tina Tape by Wool and the Gang when I first saw it. It seemed unusual to crochet with flat yarn and I didn’t know how the finished stitches would look.

I have never been more wrong.

It worked up beautifully! It looks incredibly stylish, I love it. PLUS, it’s made from eucalyptus fibers, so it’s a sustainable resource and vegan, (and of course silky soft).  Isn’t that color dreamy? It’s called “Perfect Peach.”
Perfect indeed.

easy crochet pouch free crochet pattern

I decided to make this Crochet Cindy Case, which is a free crochet pattern on the Wool and the Gang website. It’s very nicely written and so easy to make.

modern crochet easy pouch free crochet pattern

It loved working this pattern and it calls for two strands of yarn, which gives it a very sturdy texture. The finished Cindy Case is thick and lovely! I have thought about lining some of my other clutches with fabric, but there is no need with this one. I am still debating about how to do the closure. I might crochet a tie like my Wrap Clutch, or put a tassel on the top with a loop.


cute modern crochet pouch case free crochet pattern
pretty pink easy crochet pouch case free crochet pattern

I absolutely love Tina Tape!



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  1. I’m having a hard time understanding this pattern. Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks! I love your work

    1. I think it would make a fabulous summertime wrap! I was thinking something lacy and airy. The fabric drapes well (although I used two strands for the clutch), as a single strand it also works up beautifully.

  2. I suggest doing a little loop and a button underneath the flap, to keep it how it is. Or a zipper along the top. If you want something hanging from the flap, I suggest a fringe edging in the pink, though I’m not a big fringe fan.