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I ordered some yarn a few months ago. I don’t usually love variegated (although I LOVE the color pooling that many crocheters are doing with their work, so I might have to give it a try), but I decided to buy some beautiful wool variegated yarn and give it a try on a project. It was so pretty, but I wasn’t sure how I would use it. I came across the Casper Mountain Cowl, which was designed by my contributor and friend Abbey from The Firefly Hook. I knew I needed to give it a try, this bandana cowl is so pretty! 

Crochet Pattern - Casper Mountain Cowl | This gorgeous crocheted bandana cowl is perfect for cool weather and any outfit!

This pattern was so fun to make! In fact, it was in my bag when we spent almost two weeks in the hospital with my son. I would have finished it, but due to my short-sightedness I only had one skein! I am terrible at judging weights, volumes and most importantly, how much yarn a project might need, so I ordered another skein and was able to finish it after we got home.

Crochet Pattern - Casper Mountain Cowl | This gorgeous crocheted bandana cowl is perfect for cool weather and any outfit!

The colors are so lovely, and the long striping makes me think it would work up beautifully in any pattern. I thought it worked perfectly for this bandana cowl, and love how the colors change so subtly in the yarn. 


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Crochet Pattern - Casper Mountain Cowl | This gorgeous crocheted bandana cowl is perfect for cool weather and any outfit!

The yarn I used is Chroma by Knit Picks. They have some gorgeous colors to choose from. For some reason, I am not a huge fan of yellow. I would have loved a skein with more pink without getting yellow, but I guess I am picky! The color I used is called “Drawing Room” and I also bought two skeins of “Dear Diary” that I am sitting on until I find (or design) the perfect pattern. 

I LOVE the gorgeous coloring that Chroma created with this cowl. It did end up being a TAD itchy because it’s a wool blend, so I gently washed it with Soak, and it softened it up nicely. (It’s a small bottles but you only use a tsp per soak so it goes a long way)

If you want to get started, get Abbey’s Casper Mountain Cowl pattern here. 

Crochet Pattern - Casper Mountain Cowl | This gorgeous crocheted bandana cowl is perfect for cool weather and any outfit!



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Happy crocheting!




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  1. It looks beautiful! Sorry that it turned out a little itchier than you wanted, but I have a tip that might help you. It’s always worked for me, anyways.

    Soak the cowl in water with conditioner in it. Just regular hair conditioner, it doesn’t have to be anything special. after an hour or so, squeeze out extra water, then block it or throw it in the dryer for a bit.

    I have a tutorial for that if you’re interested:

  2. Since I’m allergic to wool, yarn won’t work for me! But I LOVE love love your version of “the Casper Mountain cowl”! (It helps that I LIVE in Casper WY and can see Casper Mountain from here.) Really, I don’t know exactly what stitches Firefly Hook used, but I really love yours. I guess I’ll have to look at hers for comparison.

    Anyway, :) :) :)

    1. Thank you! That yarn is so gorgeous, but I bet you could find an acrylic version! That’s awesome you live in Wyoming! My husband is from there as well. The only thing I know about it is that is always windy ;) He is from the west side though!

      I hope you give this pattern a try, it turned out very dreamy, I love it!

      1. Hi Bethany! Neat that your hubby is from Wyoming. I am HOOKED on living here, wind or no wind (yes, we have some days like that). I love that there are not so many people! It’s a good place to live.
        Where do you live in Minnesota? Our granddaughter is going to school in Duluth – she’s a junior at St Scholastica. We helped take her out by hubby taking his pickup, full of furniture for her off-campus place. Duluth is a beautiful place!!
        Thanks for this pattern! I may try doing it after I finish the Frank Orandle Mini Rings of Change I’m doing!

  3. Hey Bethany…
    With wool, you may need to go to a farm supply store and get that relaxing stuff for sheep’s wool…I know for acrylic you can use a conditioner bath, not sure how well it works for real wool though….can you use lanolin to soften it?

      1. Honestly, it should…I have a few things that are very scratchy that I’ve been told to use it on…but have yet to find it lol also, alternately, you can go to a full service laundromat/dry cleaners and see what they recommend too for after market wool softeners

        1. Okay great! Thank you so much for your help! I will comment back if I find the wool relaxer :) There is a store here called Intermountain Farmers Association(IFA), I think they might have something!