I know this is completely insane, but I don’t have very many photos of my family displayed around my home. It’s not a matter of principle at all, I just never get around to actually printing off all the photos I take. I literally have one family photo on display, which my sister took AND printed for me. Plus there is this whole “decor-challenged” issue that I face, so there’s that.

Well, I was going through some adorable pictures of my son, and I finally did it! I sent some to Walmart’s online photo tool, and I got some developed. But now what? Buy a bunch of 4” x 6” frames? I wouldn’t even begin to know how to hang them in an aesthetically pleasing manner. So I came up with this “catch-all” photo board.






I started with a board, about 15 1/2”  by 20”. This doesn’t need to be specific, I just used a piece of wood that was leftover from a project from a while ago. I actually think a bigger piece of wood would work better, you would be able to display more photos.

To make the border, tape off the sides. To make it easier, I did two paralleling sides first and when they dried, I did the last two.

I got this DecoArt Soft Jade paint in my swag bag from SNAP, a blogging conference. When I saw the color, I loved it! I knew it would be perfect for this project.

As you know,  I love me some vinyl lettering! For the “a thousand words” I used Baskerville for “a” and “words” and for “thousand,” I used GreatVibes, that you can download for free here.

Next, you just need to pound in some nails and string some yarn! I used this gray cotton yarn, it’s a bit thinner and tightly wound.

I initially used regular-sized clothespins, but they were a bit bulky for the board’s size, so I opted for the minis instead.

Pin up some photos, and your board is ready for display!


Now I have some family photos in my home. {Laziness and procrastination are true diseases, people!}


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    1. Thanks so much Megan! I know, it’s so hard, it’s true! I will probably be updating these next year, haha!