Have you ever seen a pin on Pinterest that you had to try immediately? I saw this awesome pin  a few months ago, and was so excited to try it! I love using Kool-Aid as a flavoring because there are so many different delicious flavors. 

However, the recipe was kind of a bust :(
I was disappointed with the result and it was a total waste of ingredients. 

But the idea had me so intrigue that I decided to make my own taffy recipe. And I am so glad I did because this Honey Kool-Aid taffy is amazing. It’s chewy and tangy, and you can pick almost any flavor, since Kool-Aid makes so many different ones. 

Honey Kool-Aid Taffy - This delicious taffy is flavored with your favorite Kool-Aid! 
The Kool-Aid gives this recipe so many possibilities! Strawberry is my favorite, but the Mixed Berry and Tropical Punch are pretty awesome, too. I bet Green Apple would be delicious!
This recipe is very similar to my Kool-Aid lollipops, but cooked to a lower temperature. This taffy is soft and chewy and wonderful!

Tip: Make sure you are using a candy thermometer! Candy can be super temperamental, so save yourself some grief and use a thermometer. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′]
 Enjoy! Let me know if you tried it,  I am interested in what flavors you choose. 
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  1. It looks like you posted the recipe for your lollipops instead of the recipe for your taffy. Your post says to cook to a lower temperature than your lollipops, but the recipe shown here instructs the candy-maker to heat until hard-crack stage, 280-300 degrees. I think that’s why Emily’s efforts failed twice.

    1. I noticed that too, and agree with that most likely being Emily’s problem. Taffy should definitely not be cooked to hard-crack stage. I hope the op replies to this at some point and corrects the recipe temperature. Though as long as the ingredients are correct it gives me tons of hope… All the taffy recipes that I’ve found so far call for corn starch, the one ingredient that I don’t currently have… And I’m ready to jump up this second and start making some candy! Guess I’ll be experimenting tonight as the thought of hard candy isn’t as appealing to me right now as something chewy, or at least slightly chewy on the inside with a crunchy outside. You wouldn’t know how I could achieve that by any chance do you? Chewy inside hard outside? My experiments tonight begin with same ingredients but only cooked until soft-crack. Lol as long as it turns out tasty I’ll be happy!

  2. I just made this today, and the taste is great but the candies are rock solid. I may have pulled it for too long, or cooked it a few degrees too much. I’m going to try again soon and cook it less and pull it less. Even as opaque, shiny hard candies, this recipe is still wonderful! :)

    1. Thank you! Candy can be SO temperamental, and even changes with altitude! Pulling it won’t make it harder, so I think you cooked it a bit long. Try again, and pull it off the heat a bit sooner :)

      1. Update: I tried to make this recipe again today, and I still overlooked it by a few degrees. I had forgotten to check my candy thermometer before I started making the candy, and I tested it after and found the problem. When I realized that the candy was overcooked again, I pulled it and waited until they were about to harden completely and made dum dums by rolling it into balls and adding a toothpick. They turned out great! I’m glad I found a good solution to overcooked

        1. candy. (Sorry I hit send accidentally before I was done.) I hope to try this again and maybe do it the right way! :)

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Corn syrup is yucky! Honey worked perfectly in this recipe, so I think in the future I will always substitute honey for corn syrup in recipes. My dad keeps bees, so this particular batch was made from fresh raw honey!