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Did anyone decide to learn to knit with me? I admit, I browsed Joann walking down the knitting aisle and staring for way too long at all the needles (some connected by plastic cords?!) not sure which would be best to buy. It was weirdly a hard decision. I didn’t have an easy pattern, because I can’t read a pattern, so I wasn’t sure which materials I needed that would corresponded with an easy pattern. It was a strange, seemingly super important catch-22 of a decision. I decided a kit would be a lot easier, and a bit less overwhelming, since a kit would include everything I would need to make a specific item. The Learn to Knit Kit at Knitpicks is absolutely perfect for what I wanted. This crocheter learned to knit!

Are you ready to add needles to your hook and yarn stash? This kit is the perfect way to begin your knitting journey and keep frustration to a minimum.


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.
Let me help.

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🧶 Joining a thriving community of fellow crocheters who share your passion.
📚 Access to our ENTIRE library of patterns that will buildsyour confidence.
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It turned out to be a positive experience. The kit is wonderful and is an easy way to learn to knit without investing in lots of materials. I worked slowly, trying to remember as I went. I actually find it even more cathartic than crochet, but maybe that’s because this washcloth is repetitive and there is no need to count stitches. 

I struggle learning things through photos. Thankfully, the kit providing me with everything I needed including URLs for videos for each step. 
I took everyone’s advice and learned Continental Style. Basically, I hold my yarn almost exactly as I hold it for crochet, and hold the non-working needle the same way I would hold my crochet project if I were crocheting. It’s super weird. I am not sure if I want to show you, because I am sure it’s a really terrible way to knit, and really bad form. But it works for me, and I am already getting faster. 

Are you ready to add needles to your hook and yarn stash? This kit is the perfect way to begin your knitting journey and keep frustration to a minimum.
Are you ready to add needles to your hook and yarn stash? This kit is the perfect way to begin your knitting journey and keep frustration to a minimum.

Also, for fun I decided to bind off my knit washcloth with a tunisian crochet hook! It’s a quick and easy way to finish up that last row, and I might use it again in the future once I have mastered the “real” way to bind off. 

I definitely need more practice (as you can see!), but I am enjoying the learning process, so I am okay with more practice. It is much slower going than crochet, I think I will probably prefer working with larger needles and chunky yarn. 
If you are ready to get started and learn to knit, check out this Level 1 Learn to Knit Kit, and be sure to read these 52 Tips for a Crocheter Learning to Knit. 

So far, I am feeling pretty confident with the knit stitch, and I haven’t felt super frustrated, but I am so excited to have learned this new skill. I pulled out my Level 2 Kit today, which is instructions for a scarf! I am excited to learn about color changes :)


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  1. Hey great job!

    Have you done anymore knitting since this?

    I have self taught myself with the help of YouTube. As different stitches come along there are a plethora of videos there to help. I like to freeze them and replay them until I get it (I have with yours for crocheting)!

    I am now in the process of trying to crochet. Your stuff is a huge help!

    Thanks ~ Johanne

    1. Thank you! I try every now and again, but I can’t seem to get the knit stitch. The yarn goes right off the top of my needle! It needs a hook on the end, haha! I recently bought a Knook and am learning to knit with it, though. I find it much easier, but I still need a lot of practice. I will be posting a tutorial soon, because I absolutely love knitted ribbing I want start doing a bit of crochet/knit fusion with knit ribbing on hats.

      1. Have you tried knitting continental style instead of english? I have crocheted for years and wanted to learn how to knit. It is very difficult if your used to holding your yarn a certain way. I found that continental knitting movements are similar to crocheting. Also, using circular needles is easier as they are closer to the length of a crochet needle. Hope this helps!

        1. Yes! Well, I knit a rather weird way, basically it’s like crocheting, haha! It’s my own style (I can’t seem to get it any other way!), but it’s must be continental because I hold the yarn in my left hand.

  2. Yay you! I too am a crocheter who recently learned to knit 😃 I love picking and choosing which to use for specific projects. I was super slow at first too, but you will get faster! I’m definitely not as fast at knitting as I am at crocheting, but there’s nothing like snuggling up in some knit socks or a knit sweater!

    So happy to hear your son is doing better! Hoping for a speedy and healthy recovery for him!

    1. Oh thank you! I am really enjoying knitting. So far, I can only do the knit stitch. I tried to purl and got really confused, so I will have to take it super slow!! lol!

  3. That’s neat there’s a beginner’s kit with the stuff you need to get started on knitting. Your washcloth looks very nice to me! #HomeMattersParty

  4. It’s so good to hear your son is on the mend and that you have mastered the first stitch in knitting. Binding off is just as easy. Knit the first two stitches then using your left needle leap frog the first stitch knitted over the top of the second and take off the needle. Then knit the third stitch and leap frog the now first stitch over the top. Keep doing this until you have two left on your left needle and one on the right and knit the last two stitches together as if it was one stitch and leap frog the first over the top and pull the wool through the stitch to hold it. This will give you a neater last stitch than if you did them one at time. Once you can purl stitch aswell as knit there’s nothing you can’t make.