If you are a fan of vintage video games and the Legend of Zelda, you will love these crochet Zelda ornaments! The pattern includes 4 designs: Link, Zelda, Health Hearts and the Triforce! You will love the geeky addition to your tree for years to come.
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crochet legend of zelda ornaments triforce hearts

These adorable crochet Zelda ornaments have been in my Etsy cart for years. I am a huge Zelda fan and these simple-but-charming ornaments sang to my nerdy heart. This year my list was a mile long and I fell way short on what I was planning on sharing with you guys, but I decided to prioritize these cute ornaments. 

crochet triforce ornament crochet pattern

I reached out to Becca from Crocheting in Canada, the designer behind these ornaments and she agreed to give you guys a 50% off coupon!
Use code CHRISTMAS2018 to get 50% off the Zelda Ornament pattern.

The coupon is good until New Years Day 2019. 

Also, I stumbled on something this week and it was super helpful knowledge for making these ornaments. Have you heard of the cross stitch sc? This sc has a lovely cross-stitch effect and is achieved by grabbing the yarn a slightly different way. 
(watch a video here)



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Working the cross stitch sc on this pattern will make your designs line up much nicer than the traditional sc, so I encourage you to give it a try! I also used the fair isle technique to make these ornaments, not the tapestry technique, so I didn’t carry the yarns. The inside is a huge mess BUT the outside looks very nice :D (well, my amigurumi skills could use a little work)
(I have a helpful video below for fair isle and tapestry color work. If it doesn’t load, please disable your adblocker)

crochet pattern zelda triforce and health hearts

 I used Red Heart Soft with my health heart bauble, and Knit Picks Brava with my TriForce, but I might use something bulkier and try another one to make them slightly bigger. With medium weight yarn, the circumference of my baubles are about 7″. 

crochet pattern legend of zelda triforce and health heart christmas ornament

I hope you love making these cute ornaments! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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  1. Hi Bethany…love your bottoms up hat crochet patterns.
    Have made snowfall slouch, buffalo plaid, confetti tweed, and striped slouchy. They are so easy to gauge the size when starting from the bottom.
    My granddaughter is a huge Zelda fan…Have made her fingerless gloves and toque

  2. Oh my goodness! These are speaking to my inner geek so much! I used to play Zelda on my parents Super Nintendo (from before I was born) all the time! I love these. 😍😊