Preparing for a new baby can be fun, exciting, and at times, stressful. So much to think about and get ready for! And even before Baby comes, you still have to make some changes. I live in a relatively small town, so I have no access to maternity clothes nearby. I had to do a lot of my shopping online, which can be kinda scary. Plus, the frugal girl in me hating spending tons of money on clothes that will be packed away in a box by next year. So in the hopes of helping out a fellow thrifty gal, I wanted to share the top places I found some good deals. 

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1. Old Navy

Everyone is aware of this one, I am sure. Their sizing is a bit wonky, though. I wear a size medium every where else, but at Old Navy I usually grab a small or even an x-small. However, I noticed their maternity bottoms are more true to size. The size 8 in maternity jeans fit pretty well. Dresses get a bit tricky, too, so just make sure to read the lovely reviews! A few dresses I bought were size S, and one was even X-Small but they fit perfectly. I also love the basic maternity cardigans (I bought a size S), they come in lots of cute colors! They are thin, so they won’t overheat you, but they keep you comfortable if it’s a tad chilly. 



2. Walmart

Believe it or not, I found a few comfy basics here. Sizes are all true (despite what some reviewers may lead you to believe). I got a few bottoms (all Planet Motherhood Maternity) and a few tops and they fit great. I believed one reviewer who exclaimed that a certain pair of shorts were “way too small” and that I should buy “two sizes bigger.” Well, I ended up returning them for my actual size that really fit well. 



3. Burlington Coat Factory

Wow! I was incredibly surprised by this one. They have lots super comfy shirts, and I found a sparse number of bottoms that would work. There are a few brands that are not great, but a few that are wonderful! I love Belly By Design, Inspire Maternity, and Zenana. Belly by Design has basic v-neck tees with ruched sides so they are flattering, and come in lots of colors. I love that they are long enough to wear through most of my pregnancy. I got almost every color and I am so glad! They are my favorite shirts.

Inspire Maternity has good tops as well. I have a few different styles, but they are all comfy, fit well and leave room for a growing belly.

They also have Zenana. These shirt are LONG. They don’t have ruching on the sides, but I can tell they will fit great in the last trimester. I bought a few to have at the end. With my last pregnancy, my belly got so big that most of my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore. I am hoping these shirt will keep me covered!

One brand I would avoid is oh!mamma. I bought a few tops and had to return them because they wouldn’t cover my tiny 18 week belly. If you are pregnant smack dab in the middle of a season and you just need a few “small belly” shirts, then these would probably work for you, but they are definitely not for full pregnancy wear. 

I hope these tips help you! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to be comfortable and cute during your pregnancy!


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