This simple crochet bird feeder is quick and easy to make! The children will love helping to fill it with seeds and waiting to see which hungry visitors will fly by for a visit! With this simple yet rewarding crochet pattern, you’ll not only be nurturing your creativity but also creating a haven for nature’s avian wonders.
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We have truly enjoyed being outside this June. The weather has been balmy and mild and Crash is so interested in every creeping and flying creature. Everything outside fills him with wonder! It’s awe-inspiring and heartwarming to witness his growth and excitement with each simple experience.

Birds are one of his favorite creatures, and he can’t help but squeal with delight when he hears one singing in a tree or see ones swoop over our heads. We are hoping this crochet bird feeder will entice more colorful friends to come by for a visit.

He wasn’t super excited about a crochet dish filled with seeds (what is this?!), but Cubbie was thrilled to help fill it and find a place to hang it! They have both been waiting hopefully to see if some avian friends stop by to say hello.


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This pattern is very simple and I would consider it a beginner-friendly pattern if it weren’t for the rope. Working around the rope is not difficult, but it does take a bit of practice, so a super beginner may need a bit of extra time to get it worked out. An advanced beginner should fly through this pattern!


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What you need to make a crochet bird feeder:
– Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn (WeCrochet Dishie)
– 4mm – 5mm Clothesline  
– 6.5mm hook
– hot glue or super glue to secure ends

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch 
St – stitch

We have been watching and so far, no new visitors have come by to our little bird buffet. I suspect that food is easy to come by in the springtime and maybe a lot of birds have other juicier choices, but we will keep our eyes open and our hearts hopeful!

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