Wow! Can you believe it’s already time to decorate for Halloween? (At least at my house, it is.) I am pretty excited this year. Not only is Halloween one of my favorite holidays, I also think The Boy might actually enjoy trick-or-treating this time around. He is turning 2 this month :)

I decided to make another Halloween garland. I think I have a thing for garlands…

Halloween Spooky Hole Punch Paint Chip Garland

This one says “Bats & Boos & Goblins & Ghouls.”

It was quite easy to make, too. I just used a 2″ hole punch, cut a few letters out of scrapbook paper, a pile of various colored paint chips and a scrap of yarn.

To make my letters, I traced around some chip board letters and cut them out, but this would be perfect if you have a Silhouette.

To make this garland,  I punched out a bunch of circles using paint chips and glued the letters on the top piece with white school glue. (If you are very careful, you can get 3 circles out of one paint chip). Once the glue dried, I put a bit of hot glue on the opposite circle and sandwiched the yarn in between two circles, glueing the yarn in place and the two circles together at once.

Pretty simple :)

Halloween Spooky Hole Punch Paint Chip Garland

Also, starting this month, I have joined with some incredible bloggers to bring you a round-up of themed posts. At the beginning of each month, you will get a healthy dose of fun craft projects and yummy recipes, yay! Of course, this month is all about Halloween and Autumn.

Check out these awesome ideas!


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  1. So cute! We didn’t start celebrating Halloween for a while when my girls were first born. I love how sensitive they are and that they don’t like scary things. But it’s always great to introduce the fun side of Halloween to them. And that banner is definitely fun!