Your quick crochet tip of the week: how to keep your yarn from getting tangled when working with two colors. You will be surprised at how easy this little tip is, and how much frustration and time you will save by using it! Be sure to scroll down and watch the video. 

how to keep yarn from getting tangled when working with two yarns

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Today’s Tuesday Tip explains how to keep your yarn from getting tangled when doing color work crochet with two colors. This simple technique will save you lots of frustration and will save you time as you won’t need to stop and untangle your yarn after each row. 

Since this technique is better watched then explained, I have made a video! Watch it below to get this simple tip. 


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Video won’t load? Watch in Youtube here.

Can you believe how easy this is? It’s incredibly useful when you are doing anything plaid, as you are constantly changing back and forth between two colors.

how to keep yarn from getting tangled when crocheting with two colors
how to keep yarn from getting tangled with crocheting a graph

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  1. I bought the pattern for the plaid ornaments but I’m stuck.
    I don’t understand how to follow step 5. The third sentence says: “St in next st (counts as 2nd row of 1st block). With wine, sc in ext sts.” What ‘st’ am I supposed to be using when it says st? What is counting as a 2nd row? Can you explain the line about ‘ext sts’?
    The instructions never specify when to use any colours other than black and wine, yet it is clear a third colour is needed. Is this starting at row 6? If so, what is the colour order for these rows?
    Also, I’m thinking it should be marked as rows 6-11 (which would make 3 rows of 2 like the instructions say) and not 6-12. Would I be right?
    Thank you for whatever help you can provide.

    1. Hello Sandra! I am very sorry about this! I released this pattern during Plaid Week a couple years ago, a yearly series for my followers who are familiar with plaid. I stupidly assumed everyone would be familiar with the technique. I have rewritten the pattern with clearer instructions, can you send me an email? Bethany at whistleandivy dot com
      I will send the new version to you ASAP.

  2. I just watched your video for the Flip Flop keychain and it is adorable! Definitely will save and make as gifts. Thank you and can’t wait to view more videos.

  3. Your video did not download so I need to know how to keep the yarn straight and not get tangled the video did not show and there’s no words or sentences telling me how it’s done thank you

  4. Thank you for your Tip Tuesday, I am always having problems with multiple colors getting tangled. This was very helpful for me and I look forward to checking out every Tip Tuesday.

  5. I scrolled down and didn’t come to the video. How do I find it? I need to keep my yarn from tangling.