Today’s crochet tip comes to you from Make and Do Crew. She teaches you how to dip-dye your finished crochet items for a custom look! Turn your hard work into a  one-of-a-kind colored treasure. Choose to either color your crochet project all one color or use her tips to make your piece rainbow, striped or ombre. Read on!

It’s Tuesday! My schedule got a bit wonky during the Learn Crochet Plaid Class launch, but I think we are back on track now.   I am excited for these last few months of the year (also known as Crochet Season). I’ve been working all year in anticipation for these months and I am excited to roll out all the projects I have prepared for you! I hope you were planning on crocheting fun, pretty things  :) 

Today’s Tip Tuesday tip comes from Jess, the amazing and talented mind behind Make and Do Crew. She shares her awesome technique for dip-dying finished crochet (or knit) items. You can do them all one color or use her techniques to make your projects ombre, striped or rainbow.  I love how this looks, and her instructions make it look very easy. I must try that ombre effect, it’s gorgeous. 

Read through the article on Make and Do Crew to get all the details about how to dye your own crochet creations! I have never tried this method, but I am excited to pick up some natural colored wool yarn and give this a try (~heart eyes~). 

Ready to get dyeing? (dye with color, of course!). 
(And be sure to get her pattern for those gorgeous mittens. They look knit but they are actually crochet!)

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