Today’s Tip Tuesday shows you have to work a chainless crochet foundation in the three most-common crochet stitches. It’s easy and has a few benefits over the traditional chain foundation method.  Today’s post includes a video! Be sure to whitelist Whistle and ivy, so Adblocker doesn’t block the video from loading. 

Welcome back to Tip Tuesday! Today I am sharing how to work chainless foundation stitches in crochet. It’s a sweet little tip that comes in handy when working something long, and especially comes in handy when you are winging something long (any other pants-seat fliers out there?)


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One way to make a long scarf (or other long item) is to begin with a foundation chain. This method is perfectly fine but it comes with 2 problems:

Problem #1: The foundation chain has almost zero stretch to it. If you are wanting to make a nice stretchy headband with a ch foundation, forget about it. The one edge with the chain foundation will not have the stretch you were hoping for. 

Problem #2: You get halfway through your stitch row and realize the piece is too short/long. What to do now? You will now need to FROG your entire piece and adjust the length of your foundation chain, hoping this time it’s correct.

The Fix:
The answer is crochet chainless foundation stitches! This eliminates the need for a foundation chain,  as you immediately begin by working the first row of stitches. 

The result gives you a much stretchier fabric and eliminated the need to frog way back to adjust the length. Yippee!
The method is simple, and once you master it with one stitch, you can master them all. 
Take a look at the vidoe below: 

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So easy but so useful! 

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  1. I now love foundation single crochet! Your video makes it so easy. Also thank you for the above reply to save to Pinterest.

  2. How can I save your tips? I would like to try your Chainless foundation stitches but not right now as I have too many other things on the go. LOL. Thanks!